A life Remembered

Today I celebrate the memory of my father's life. He was only 30 when his purposes on earth were done.

He was born in Topeka Kanas April 19, 1937, today he would have been 72. So I decided to make this video to celebrate his life. I believe God has a purpose for each life and my father left a legacy of 3 children. I don't know too much about him only stories I've heard. I know he loved to laugh and play practical jokes. I know he loved his family and they were very important to him. I know he was raised in a Christian home. From everything I've been told I have every reason to believe I will see him one day walking beside my Jesus.

I have a few scattered memories of my father - I cherish them.

My Father was raised in the Old German Baptist Church, so was my mother. Although they have electricity and drive cars they did not have TV, radio and did their best to live separate from worldly influence. For the first 5 yrs of my life I too would be raised in this way. Not long after the death of my father we would leave the church.

But God would remain faithful ....

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  1. This is a nice tribute to your Dad. I'm sure he would be proud of the women you have become and what a joy it is to know you will see him again.


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