His Word Revives Us

This is my comfort in my affliction, that Your word has revived me. Ps 119:50

There is a deep ache in my heart. Quite honestly if it were not for my God and His precious word, that can and does revive my soul, I would perish. I am not sure that I can adequately share the deep sorrow and loneliness of my soul. God has shown me so many things recently through His word and my heart breaks as I realize how much I have missed in relationship with Him.

I have missed years of knowing Him through His word. I have missed knowing the power of the Spirit living in me. I have missed the opportunity to be filled with a love that goes beyond my comprehension. I have missed relationships with sisters who are kindred in spirit. I have missed fellowship, deep soul cleansing fellowship with my Lord.

I have no one to blame but myself. It’s always been there – His Word has been within my reach. I have had no excuses, I am the one who has made the choice to not read, study or pursue hard after God. I would fill my life up with things that were good but kept me from a deeper, more meaningful relationship with my God. In the end there is no thing or no relationship more important than the one with Jesus. And yet it’s taken me years to realize that.

The Spirit within me has only come alive, really alive as I have studied God’s word on my own. I have made the choice to put all else aside and pursue God. About five years or so ago I began a pursuit of knowing God and His word. It was in that pursuit that healing came, the longings of my heart were filled and a peace in my heart dwells deep within.

There are no short cuts, there are no excuses. We will only have a deep love relationship with God when we choose to pursue Him. When I was younger, when my children were younger I had all kinds of excuses to not being in His word or really pursue an intimate, obedient relationship with God. I can say what ever I want but I made the choice to not make God my first love.

I beg each of you that if you do not know how to study God’s word for yourself, if you can’t dig into His word and gain truth on your own then email me!! I will help you with resources and encouragement. There is nothing like reading God’s word and realizing that He is speaking to YOU. It’s just you and Him – no one else! God can speak to you through His word!

Your testimonies are wonderful ; Therefore my soul observes them. The unfolding of Your words gives light ; It gives understanding to the simple . I opened my mouth wide and panted , For I longed for Your commandments.
Ps 119:129-131


  1. I love when I am doing a study and find something just for me. However - lately I've been dry. You know how those periods come and I have no one to blame but myself. I'm making my devotion time a priority again and I know it will be a blessing.

  2. Morning by morning new mercies I see; thank God for Jesus!

  3. I know that pain and sorrow, I also feel that too. I feel that I wasted so much time. . but now I try to dig deeper and longer. And it is sooooo very good!! Oh yes God speaks, and He speaks through you too my friend, thank you for your open heart.
    God Bless,

  4. Amen! I too regret that I did not pursue God earlier... but I am so glad that I am pursuing Him now, and I am thankful that He is a God of redemption, for He can redeem the wasted years...


  5. Dear Sharon,
    The path to our peaceful and fulfilled souls is in the hands of God and in our willing spirit.

    God alone knows the secret plan of the things he will do for the world using my hands. Toyohiko Kagawa

    It is better to get wisdom than gold. It is better to choose understanding than silver. Proverbs 16:16

    Give a Kind word to someone each day this week!

    The Rose Tender



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