"My soul, wait thou only upon God, for my expectation is from him." Ps 62:6

I will wait for my God and only Him, for He is my life, my joy and only in Him can I trust. I will wait for my God no matter what the circumstances of my life seem to be. He alone will direct me. God I want to please only you with my life.

So Father if my life seems at the moment to not be where I thought it would be, help me to see it through your eyes. Help me to understand this time as I wait for you to reveal your purposes in me. Help me to fully serve You even in the little things. Continue to teach me and mold me into your humble servant.

Father I know I am in good company. Moses waited until you made him ready to be used mightily to set Your people free. Abraham waited for the son of the promise. Joseph waited, seemingly forgotten, in prison for you to reveal the purpose you had for him. I am encouraged Father to know that not all these always waited patiently and did the right things. But in spite of their sometimes rushing ahead, You continued working in them. They continued to wait on you. Father I desire to wait with an attitude of being a servant even when I don’t understand the why of the waiting.

Father as I wait, help me to not become discouraged. Help me to not trust in anything but you. Father I know you have a plan and purpose for my life and I wait with an attitude of worship. Father I know that even in the waiting of your will I am being changed, renewed and purified so that I am better suited for Your purposes.

Father I may not always understand why you have me waiting, but what I do know is that I can wait with hope and great expectation because it is You and You alone that I find peace, comfort and joy. I know you have a purpose for my life and will work out all things.

This time of waiting is not a waste of time, Oh no Father this time of waiting is part of your will for my life. Help me to embrace it and see all that you have for me.

My dear sisters, what are you waiting for? An answer to prayer? A prodigal child? A house to sell? A job? God to reveal His purposes?

Worship God while you wait. Pursue Him, obey Him, seek His word and be obedient to what He has you doing now...even if it's hard in the waiting. You can wait on God, for God alone is worthy.


  1. Father I know that even in the waiting of your will I am being changed, renewed and purified so that I am better suited for Your purposes. Love how you said this- waiting on God is not always easy but when I know He is changing me, molding into what He wants me to be I gladly wait. Beautifully written thanks for sharing this prayer and reminding the waiting is often necessary to be what God would have me to be.

    Gratefully waiting

  2. My waiting and my prayers, and fasting, and crying out to God is a verifiable hunger within my heart, that's felt in my stomach!

    Its like that saying "Lord, please grant me patience... BUT HURRY.

    Thank you for such a timely message.

  3. This is exactly where I am! THANK YOU for sharing from your heart and LOVED the song.
    Blessings - Lisa

  4. Thank you for this post of confirmation. Sharon, this was so timely. Thank you once again for being a vessel. I am now back in a place of contentment regarding something I've been waiting for. Thank you, Jesus!

  5. A very timely post, we are all so self oriented that we need to be reminded often that God is in control and we need to be obedient and wait on Him no matter what our circumstances are. Thank you

  6. Thank you for sharing that post... it is very timely and spoke to my heart...

    May God bless you as you wait for Him...


  7. Hi Sharon,

    It's interesting that another blogger used my painting entitled, Waiting, to write a post today. Then I came across your post. Maybe God is telling me something about waiting.

    Thanks for your thoughts. If you get a chance, visit my website and check out my painting.

    Many blessings, Pamela


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