It Is Well

Today I was reminded that I can have a deep sorrow and cry tears of mourning for what's been lost. I can greatly miss a loved one. I can mourn for that which I have never felt. I can long for a mother's hug and a father's love.

I can "feel" all these emotions and it can still be well with my soul.

Sorrow can come at you without warning.

Today a deep sense of pain and sorrow welled up in me. Normally I would have fought it, denied it and hid.

But I allowed myself to FEEL it. It was a great loneliness and longing, but it was alright.

For God met me there and I could say "It Is Well With My Soul."

Join Amy and others for more "then sings my soul Saturday..."


  1. This post is powerful and so true. It reminds me that our God is with us through good times and bad. Only because of His presence can we day it is well with our soul, no matter the circumstance. When we sing this in church it often brings tears to my eyes, but they are the all right tears, as you said. Great post, Sharon!

  2. I know what you mean precious sister...had some of the same myself today. This is my daddy's favorite song. Knowing it is well with our soul? A gift.

  3. What a wonderful gift to know all is well with our soul...even in times of sorrow and grief. This is one of my husband's favorite songs! Blessings,

  4. Love it!! Thanks I am grieving the loss of my parents, and that is so wonderful and true. I hold on to the good memories. Yes it is well with my soul:) Bless you my dear.

  5. What a great post. There's not one thing that can compare to my relationship with God. Comfort is the best word to describe it. Kae


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