Full of Thankfulness

It's been awhile since I've shared on a TT post, but many of you have been reading my blogs for awhile and I knew I had to share this with you - especially today on Thankful Thursday - for I am very thankful!!

Today I was reminded of a post I wrote just a little over a year ago. The title of the post is God's Faithfulness.

I shared how God had prompted me to invite my oldest son to breakfast to have a heart to heart with him. Our relationship has always been good and as I sat with him that day God allowed me to see evidence that He was working in the heart of my son. I left that day encouraged and reminded that I need to continue to pray for his heart and life to be drawn back to God.

Today, a little over a year later, God once again reminds me that He IS faithful to answer our prayers. Today my son is attending a men's Bible Study, he and his wife is attending a marrieds SS class and last Sunday he came to church alone because his wife was sick! It was huge! God be praised!

My dear sisters, continue to pray for your prodigals and spiritual wanderers. God is faithful to pursue HIS children!


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  1. Praise God for such wonderful news sweetie.

  2. Your praying has paid off. God knows you are sincere. Congratulations...Kae

  3. Sharon,

    Thank you for this. My father just celebrated his 72nd birthday and God is still working on his heart to accept Him as his Savior.

  4. How awesome. The Lord is always at work in ways that we often may not be able to see at first but when it's time He permits us to see especially with our prodigal children. We continue to pray and trust in the Lord for all children.

    God bless you and thank you for your heart to share GOD'S FAITHFULNESS.

  5. What a wonderful answer to prayer! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    It gives me encouragement and hope, for my sister is a prodigal... I am actually meeting with her for a bit tomorrow afternoon... please pray that she would be drawn back to Christ, that she would come to her senses as the prodigal son did and return to her Father...


  6. I needed this tonight as I am up worrying about my prodigal. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  7. God is an awesome God! They will return.... Praise God! Bless you dear sister...


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