Can you see the Dirt?

Earlier this week I was having a conversation with a friend about where we would meet to discuss a few ministry items. She said well “we could meet at one of our homes.” I looked at her and said “Not mine, I haven’t cleaned in weeks! Let’s meet at your house, it’s always clean.”

The reality is I will always say my house isn’t clean. When I visit the homes of my friends I often think their house is much cleaner than mine! You see, when I look at my home I know where the dirt lies hidden. I know the closets that still need cleaning out or the junk drawers that are about to overflow. I know the last time I took time to move all the furniture to sweep the floors. So when I see my house these are the things I see.

This morning, as I was cleaning I began to think about my comment to my friend. I imagine she might have thought the same thing about her house. She might have thought her house wasn’t clean because she too knows where all the dirt is. But when I go to her house I come to visit, to encourage her, and to just sit and be in the presence of a friend. I don’t see the dirt she sees because I am not looking for it, I am in her home for her not to judge where her speck of dirt might be.

You know where I am going don’t you? There is a HUGE lesson here – actually there is more than one, but I am only going to share one – the one God impressed upon my heart.

The dirt I see in my house was keeping me from inviting someone into my home. How many times does the “dirt” I see in my heart keep me from inviting people into my life? How many times do I look at someone and think “there heart is cleaner than mine” so I don’t give them the opportunity to know me. And I miss the blessing of knowing them, of sharing my life with them, and of loving them.

Yes it’s true, there are those who only come to judge me and will enter into my home and pick apart what they see that isn’t up to their standards. And yes, it will hurt at times. But I shouldn’t then back away from those who come in to love me. I need to remember that those that come in to judge and pick apart do not really care about me. They are not the ones who, if I ask them, will help me clean the dirt from my heart.

I am thankful for those precious women in my life that have loved me even when I open up my dirty house and instead of judgment I have gotten love. They have wrapped the love of Jesus around me and said “O daughter, come let us work on this together”.

I pray that each of you have at least one relationship that is like this. If you do not then maybe you need to welcome someone in even if you haven’t cleaned in weeks.


  1. That is a great lesson and I think it most likely applies to all of us! I'm glad you shared it.

  2. Amen, Sharon.
    Isn't is also funny how we rush around to pick up items at the last minute when company comes? I try to remember Jesus is a guest in my home and He never leaves, so my home should be treated as such, BUT....I fail toooo often. Thank God he is a merciful God and looks over our dirt.

  3. Praise the LORD! You are right there are several messages within this one message but the one you pointed out I think we've all experienced at different times in our lives.

    Thanks for the blessing of the message.

  4. Dirt? You have dirt? I've never seen your dirt! Only thing I've ever seen is open arms, listening ear, and love in your eyes. Thanking God for YOU and all the ways you help keep me from settling for making mud pies and eating dirt. You know what I mean?

  5. Nope, it isn't just you. I try to tell myself that I don't care but it never fails, I always wonder. A very good friend once told me that, "You may not know where my dirt is, but I do." Have a great day. Kae

  6. What a great thought provoking post! How true that we often do not let others into our hearts for fear of being hurt, judged, condemned, or just not being liked... I thank God that He has given me a friend who knows my heart.


  7. I came looking for something else-but glad I found this wonderful word. Thanks for sharing.

    May the joy of the Lord be yours

  8. hi there nice to meet ya! I was doing some blog browsing this evening,,, and here I am :O)

    I've got to read a little here and I just want to say, "Bless you."

    also I love this verse too:

    "God has made everything beautiful in it's time" (Ecc 3:11 The Message). that is a beautiful clock.

    Blessings In Him,

  9. Love ya Sharon! You hit a topic that deserves to be an open book in every church.

    I know we all shy away from opening our hearts to someone we hardly know for fear of exposing our sins. Is this not what Scripture says to do though!

    Bryan Duncan wrote a song about this very thing:

    From a cardboard hovel
    On a darkened street
    To the well light windows of a penthouse suite

    All are desparate souls with a human fate
    We protect ourselves within the walls we make

    And I stand in the corner now in my house of rest
    And I bow my head and beat my breast and say
    God please forgive me for this sinners heart
    Though you show me your mercy its the same old story keeping us apart

    We all feel lost sometimes
    We all feel hurt inside
    And we all cry
    And we all need
    The redeeming love of Jesus

    I was raised on the lessons and the victory speech
    And I fought for the standards that I could not reach

    And I hold my tongue when the pain is great
    As I cover my tears as we celebrate

    While a private war rages, with the fear and the doubt
    As I try to run faster to find a way out
    I'm convinced if I stumble, they'll just cast me aside, mock at my weakness and shatter my pride
    Cause I've watched as we've stoned the more hesitant soul

    So we all must remember
    Its still God's grace we all need to know!

    In my weakness, God's power is shown and perfected!


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