TT - A Precious Son and God's Faithfulness

Twenty six years ago today I became a single mom at twenty.

He came into the world the sweetest little (well actually he was pretty big-almost 10lbs!) thing. As he lay in my arms I didn’t have a clue how I was going to raise a son. I felt so alone and yet I was not alone.

It was through the birth of this precious child that God would draw me back unto himself. It would be because of this child that God would show me His heart. It is because of this child that God would teach me to see my need to trust in Him. And God would show me His faithfulness.

Twenty-six years ago God began a work in my heart that He continues to this day. There have been great heights of joy and depths of despair. I have laughed until I cried and I have cried until there were no more tears left. I have watched God in His faithfulness perform miracles in my heart through raising this child.

Through the sweet spirit of this child God taught me to be loving and gentle. Through the eyes of this child I learned to see the world through eyes of innocence. And through the rebellion of this child I learned to trust God.

Now God allows me to watch and pray as He begins the journey in the heart of my son to teach him faithfulness, grace and mercy.

Happy Birthday precious one, today I know better than ever that in God’s faithfulness He will draw you unto Himself.

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  1. A very 'Happy Birthday' to your precious one. I love the story. At 26, I became a single mom and God used my newborn to draw me unto Him too shortly (2 months) after his birth.

    Hope he has a wonderful day and many - many more birthdays.


  2. Happy birthday to your son! God works in mysterious ways... Aren't you glad!

  3. Happy Birthday to your son!

    I think the Lord teaches us countless things about Him and our relationship with Him through our children, I know He has and is teaching me sooo much!


  4. May God sweetly bless your son on his birthday, and always.

  5. Happy birthday to your son. I pray He will continue His work in him.

  6. Blessings HE did for you, may Our Lord do for your son!
    Draw HIM closer and into His Loving arms breaking down all resistance & walls, stirring him from within, meeting him right where he is! May your son ave the most blessed birthday! I'm so thankful God
    brought you through this journey
    & all that you have learned & the changes that HE's molded you more in His beautiful image! Such a beautiful tribute & thankful heart!

  7. Happy birthday to your son!

    Children truly are one of the greatest tools in God's hands for us mom's, aren't they?

    Have a very Merry Christmas Sharon.

  8. I became a single mom to my ds at 18. God used his birth to draw me to Him! Thanks for sharing.


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