A Thankful Bride

PhotobucketA bride dresses in white to show a sign of purity. She is to be a virgin.A bride saves herself for her husband. At an early age she began the process of preparing herself to be a bride.

There was a day when these sentences actually meant something.

We have come so far from what it use to mean to be pure. Is there purity anywhere? Is it even possible?

The church is the bride, but do those around us see a virgin? Or are we tainted by the culture around us?

We are to be preparing ourselve to meet our groom and yet we are running around chasing after different lovers. We no longer worry about keeping our bodies pure, let alone our minds! We are constantly shoving junk into our mouths and minds and wonder why trash keeps coming out. We live as if we have forgotten that we are promised to the groom.

Have I(we) become the harlot instead of the Bride.

The groom, who waits patiently. The groom who loves his bride with an everlasting love. He has sanctified her, cleansed her so that she might once again be the virgin bride. But again she forgets....

Jesus help me to wait for you as a pure virgin waits for her groom. Help me to not grow restless and chase other lovers. Grow in me a desire to be completely holy and desire only You. Thank you for making a way that I might be clean again. I am so grateful that you are a patient bridegroom and the You are even now preparing me for the day when I will be presented to you.


  1. Wonderfully said, your words are so true we forget we are the bride and we have come so far from where and God would have us to be. May we return to the time of teacing our girls what God requires and why- teacing them to honor the beauty of a virgin and if we can do this than maybe we can begin to build a pure body for the church. thanks for this post and reminder that I need to live a pure life.
    Be Blessed

  2. I am sure many people visit your blog and are blessed by the words God places on your heart. I know I am one of them.

  3. Thank you for being in a place to be used by God. Your words are a blessing.


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