Jesus is more than enough

Today I am thankful that Jesus is more than enough. I am thankful that during those times when my heart aches with emotions I can not express that Jesus understands them and brings comfort, love, joy and rest....


  1. What a really pretty song. I had never heard that before. Thanks for posting it and for visiting my blog!!!

  2. Blessings Sharon...I so loved this song & it's new to me also!

    Jesus You're more than a friend
    Jesus You're more than my heart
    Could ever express
    Your love and Your grace never fail me
    Your merciful touch always heals me
    You bring joy to my soul

    Each word expresses all that HE is to me and he sings this so beautifully! Your words of thankfulness say it all...He truly is more than enough and without words & in our heart ache He even understands! Thank you for sharing!

    I linked you to my Super Sunday with this because it definitely is SUPER...He is supernatural & super
    spiritual & you may touch someone that needs these words! Thanks!

  3. That is a very pretty song and video, Sharon. I have not heard it before either. Thanks for sharing and for your visit, my friend.

  4. I really love this video, bless you.

  5. What a wonderful reminder that Jesus is more than enough... it is exactly what I needed to hear tonight, as I have been very emotional today over the death of my cousin...

    Thanks for sharing,


  6. That video was so beautiful!


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