Refections of Hosea

I've just begun a study of the book of Hosea. I am doing Precept upon Precept on my own. I have always been fascinated by this book, but never taken the time to study it. I believe God has me studying it now, for a reason and His reasons will become clear in time...

As I began the study I couldn't help but notice how similar it is to what is happening in the world today. Listen to what Israel was doing when Hosea was prophet...

they were committing flagrant harlotry and forsaking the Lord (Hosea 1:2)
they walked in the customs of the nations (2 Kings 17:8)
they did secret things which were not right (2 Kings 17:9)
they served idols (2 Kings 17:12)
they did not listen to God (2 Kings 17:14)
they followed vanity and became vain (2 Kings 17:15)
they forsook the commandments of the Lord (2 Kings 17:16)

Most of us would agree that this would describe our country - but wait! God's judgement in Hosea was against His people. It was against the nation of Israel. So look at the list again,(and I didn't bother listing everything) if we were honest we would have to agree that this also describes many of God's people.

I keep hearing Christians say that God is going to judge America for her sins against God, and while that may or may not be true, I wonder if His judgement wouldn't first be against His people?

What will it take for the Church to rise up out of mediocrity and become a people that are holy and righteous?

When will we realize that we have allowed too much of the world come into our homes and places of worship?

When will we see that we are no longer salty? We have lost our flavor!

The world sees no difference in the way we live or the movies we watch or the activities we participate in. So would God be pleased?

After doing my study today and just pondering all these thoughts I read in my book called "Come Away My Beloved" by Frances J Roberts. I got the answers to my questions, here is what he had to say.

O wicked and perverse generation, have I been so long in your midst and yet you have perceived Me not? Have I not ministered to you in myriad ways, and you have been blind? Yes and when I speak to you you do not hear?

Oh my children, you go your way as though you belonged to another; yes you behave not as sons and daughters but as strangers. You hold meetings in my Name and give Honor to men, not to Me. You boast that you serve Me. but in truth you serve your own ego; for that which you do is calculated to enhance your own position and advance your own prestige, and you give it all a sanctimonious cloak.

You would make Christianity pleasant and acceptable. Your Savior did not find it so. You would make in comfortable and accommodating to your own schedule. He knew nothing of such false religion.

Lonely nights, He wrestled in prayer nor spared Himself physical discomfort. Yes, and the more you pamper the flesh as to bodily comfort, the more it will demand of you,until you become its servant, and your physical needs shall be a tyrant until you in your house.

Do not be deceived. I gave you no such commandment. Hear Me as I repeat to you what I gave your fathers: "Deny your self and take up your cross and follow Me." Yes, follow Me, not some worldly form of a backslidden church.

Do not think it becomes blessed because it bears the name "church". My Church is a living body, not a dead form. My people may be recognized by their humility and sufferings; not by social acceptability and self-advertised success; not by extravagant physical appointments of their structures, but by the grace of God at work in their hearts. Sacrifice is My status symbol, and humanity has not been eager to recognize the type of spiritual leadership I had in servants like the prophet Jeremiah and the Apostle Paul.

Do you desire to truly follow me? Look for the bloodstained foot prints of my feet. Go, as it were to the cold, unyielding rock in the Garden of Gethsemane, where self is put aside, and the cup of suffering is accepted. Die to you own treacherous and deceitful heart. Rise with determination to go on unflinchingly not hoping to spare yourself. Save your life and you will surely lose it. Offer it up to Me, the very day, in renewed consecration to sacrificial living and I will accept yo and you shall know joy as few wine.


  1. I think Hosea is very interesting. It is so amazing what he went thorugh and kept asking for her back. I read a book about this - I think it was by Francine Rivers (?) and it was very good too!

  2. Amen!! I have the older version of Come away my beloved. I love that book! pray for our country. . We Christians need to get back to basics. . Gods Word:)


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