God's Word Transforms

Why do you not want to experience God’s word for yourself?
Do you not know it will transform you life?
Your life will NEVER be any different without and intimate relationship with God.
Intimacy requires first hand knowledge of the Word of God.

You are broken and unable to “get on” with your life.
You look to the world for answers.
You continue to commit spiritual adultery.
Have you not learned that the things of the world will not satisfy?
Those things will not bring joy or peace.

Why do you continue to be satisfied with milk?
You desire to be spoon fed the Word of God.
You want some one else to do the digging for you.
But you do not gain the depth of knowledge with milk.

God's word is life changing.
If you learn to experience truth for yourself you will never be the same.
Dig for the treasure of God's heart on your own.
Know God by studying His word for yourself.
Come face to face with God through His word.
Only knowing and experiencing God’s word for yourself will bring that which lasts.


  1. How very true are your words. Thanks for this post and reminder we are to feed on the word of God for ourselves and let God speak to us. beautifully written and said.

  2. Amen to that! Once you start digging into the Word of God and begin to taste the meat of the Word, you will not be able to stay away...


  3. Amen! The only way we can know God's heart in to dig in His Word.

  4. Amen to that! Great post! I especially love when you read something you've read a hundred times before and suddenly, it's like a light turns on and you see what He has for you!


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