Everything to Me

A little over 5 years ago my son held his first born son in his arms as tears fell down his face. He was able to hold him for an hour, to feed him, love him and say goodbye. It was absolutely the hardest thing he's ever done. Even today the pain of it is so hard for him.

I post this song for him. Sometimes we think only of the pain a mother goes through but so many are affected, so many tears are cried. We are thankful that they chose to give life to Benjamin - we are thankful for Bethany Christian Services for finding him a loving Christian home. Though the tears and mourning can still come we know it was the right choice for them. And wherever you are Ben know that we pray for you and love you very much.

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The Story Behind the Song

The Song - Everything to Me


  1. I can't get the video to play at the moment so will have to come back for that.
    This is such a touching post. I've often thought how difficult, and truly loving action giving up a child is. A friend of mine just went through this with her daugter.
    I also see this as such a gift from the other side of things because I have 2 neices who were adopted through Bethany.

    You and your family are in my prayers today.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I lost it! BIG TEARS!!
    That's we as Redemption Riders do our annual benefit ride for Bethany to raise money and awareness. They DO find great homes for kids. I am praying for your son.. .and you:)

  3. I got this to play this time and wow - what a testimony and what a great song! Thanks for posting this.

  4. What a moving testimony...so enriches a song when you understand the heart behind it..thank you for sharing this..

  5. That's beautifui! I was adopted and now am a single mom myself :)

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  7. Peggy said...
    Blessings Sharon~You knew I needed to see this. Thanks for your visit to my Super Sunday meme...my TSMSS was a different post but that's fine, you just needed to link this song to my SUPER SUNDAY also so more people come see it.[Well, that's not really true because not alot of people are visiting it yet but I can be hopeful.]

    Been missing visiting with you!

    This is aMazing you know! But this isn't your son right? Or his son? Whatever, it's late...and my tears have made my brain foggy! Love you & thanks for sharing your heart & this heartfelt story. I told my two that their mother loved them so much just like Jesus & His Father, that she gave you up so you could have a better life! They knew their mom all along...they were 3 when they were taken from her for child neglect. Their mom was my husband's niece.

    God spoke to my heart on this one and this side of heaven, we may never know why, but on the other side God knows "Everything to ME".
    Thanks for coming to get me.

    Someday I need to share a photo with you of my favorite sister in the world, my friend now a Pastor,
    who I think you look like and every time I see your face I think of her. One of my posts had her in a photo with my daughter & her daughter & my friend Irene.

  8. It seems to take a lot to make me cry now(meds will do that) but as I read your post, the tears came, and even more so as I listened tot he song. My heart feels the pain that your son must have felt, and the pain that you must feel at missing your grandson, yet knowing the decision was right. I'm afraid I could not have been so unselfish....


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