In the Shadow of the Cross

Jesus, may I never forget what you gave up so that I might live. Help me to stay in the shadow of your cross and always remember the price you paid so that I might be free of sin and death. I want to live completely for you - giving up my life as a sacrifice for you.

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  1. I love what you wrote remain in the shadow of the cross...beautiful. I'm so glad there is room there for all of us!!!

    Beautiful post and song. Thank you for sharing it with us!!

  2. To remain in the shadow of the cross.... yes, Lord! What a touching song and post.

    Blessings to you.

  3. Blessings Sharon...I echo Debra's words! Thank you for sharing your
    words of profound depth and sincerity
    as you are being awakened from the grave!!! Why not sing of HIS glorious redemptive powers because of the Shadow of His Cross! Praising Him with you and thanking Our Lord for His obedience even unto death for that was HIS Plan to save us from
    our own sins! How glorious it is to be lost in the shadow of the cross
    to answer the call, surrender it all...
    how difficult we make it. His love is awesome and all encompassing!

    Thanks Sharon! You bring my TSMSS
    new INSPIRATION so bring some home from my place. You missed out on much I was giving you this week!
    Friday was special for you among 8.
    The rest of the week & today is for

  4. Thanks Sharon for picking them up!

    You did not have to hurry to post it, I just needed to know that you knew that you had been given them and that you received them...because that's where the blessing is!

    I saw the Inspiration Image but the next two didn't show or load or whatever...just little boxes on my screen. So YOU are an AWESOME BLOGGER AUTUMN FRIEND of PROXY & INSPIRATION! YOU are just the best!

    Thanks! Enjoy and relax...I was just worried that you hadn't seen them or know that they were waiting for you!!! Peace & love in Christ

  5. Ok I went back to look and touched the squares & they appeared! WOW!
    Awesome! You truly are inspiring especially with all the recent soul searching writings you are sharing!
    I am experiencing God's Fullness.
    Love & Joy...Peggy

  6. Awesome song. It's new to me, but I love it already. Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings and Love!


  7. An awesome song and video. We can't forget the price our Jesus paid for us.


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