Troubles Bring Beauty (Ps 71:20)

petrified wood
I love this verse it offers such hope.Reqardless of the troubles we've seen God will restore us. He will renew that which was broken. No matter how far we have gone down God will bring us up.

As I was looking for a picture to go with the verse God reminded me of a  visit to the Petrified Forest. I remember being struck by the fact that this beautiful piece of hard solid rock use to be wood. The wood came from fallen trees that became exposed to floods and then buried beneath layers of silt and silica-laden waters. Over time the water would filter through these deposits and petrified the wood.

I remember thinking isn't that just like God? To take something that has fallen or died and make something so beautiful from it. He does that every day in our lives and in our hearts if we only let Him.....

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  1. Yes, just like God to make (give) beauty for ashes. We serve an awesome, loving God!

    Linda J


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