Thank you friends...

I continue to be humbled and amazed at the way is using me here in blogland. It began as a place to do what relaxes me and refreshed me and that is to write. But along the way as I have sat here at my computer and processed what I am learning, I have met some amazing friends. Each of you have touched my life and my heart in different ways. And that I can encourage or help you in your journey is an added blessing from God.

Two of these precious women I have met are Peggy and Nancie. Both are sisters whose love for God is very evident in their words and the comments of encouragement they leave. I truly thank both of you for passing along these special awards to me.

This first one is from Peggy she has such a precious heart for God. Thank you so much dear friend.

And this Friendship Award is from Nancie. She always has an encouraging word to share and I love reading her "heart" as she shares what God is doing in her life. Thank you so much sweet Nancie - you are a dear friend.

And they both gave me this "Sharing the Love Award". Oh I feel like I've recieved a big HUG from both these friends. Thank you both!!

This was REALLY hard, but I narrowed it down to three for each!!
I'd like to pass the KIND BLOGGER AWARD on to

The Friendship Award is past on to...

The Share the Love is past on to...


  1. Sharon,
    I am so touched by the Share the Love award.
    Thank you, thank you for encouraging me in such a precious way!

  2. Man, girl! I think you needed to have some kind of banquet to hand out those awards!!! ( :

    When you comin' to visit???

    Love ya!

  3. Man, girl! I think you needed to have some kind of banquet to hand out those awards!!! ( :

    When you comin' to visit???

    Love ya!

  4. Sweet post.

    Thought you might enjoy a little Tag. See my post for details.

  5. thank you, sharon, for the kind blogger award. i'm honored. especially since i know that there are A LOT of kind bloggers out there and all your readers are kind.

    thanks again.

  6. Awww, how perfect! I needed a little love today! Thanks Sharon! BTW, I love your photo - is it from Utah?

  7. Thank you for the friendship award. I enjoy your freindship. I hear are you are camping too this week. Looking forward to a fun and peaceful time.

  8. Congratulations to you for all those awards and thanks for sharing the friendship award. I am amazed by the friendships I have made through blogging. What a blessing. I think of you each morning when I read another chapter of the devotional book you sent. Thanks fro the award and more importantly, your friendship.

  9. Congratulations on the awards, Sharon!


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