Tag, You're It!!

Tag Game #1
Last week sometimeMichele tagged me and I'm just getting around to it. The rules are simple, Google your first name with the word needs behind it (or after your name). List the first 10 results.

I wasn't sure I would participate, but when I did it, it was just to funny not to share my 1o results.

Sharon needs a new word (Always looking for a fresh new Word from my Father)
Sharon needs to be told to stop shooting and start talking (humm...I hope it's shooting water guns or something similiar)
Sharon needs to pee (well honestly if I did I'm not so sure I'd discuss it here)
Sharon needs a friend (See #3, we do go in pairs don't we?)
Sharon needs more time to work out peace policy (well guess if your in ministry a peace policy would be good...but I believe God has already written it.)
Sharon needs a hand (yep a third hand would help getting a few more things done)
Sharon needs to leave Jack (ummm...I don't think I know a Jack)
Sharon needs surgery on heart (a pure undivided heart requires surgery....sigh...)
Sharon needs help ( and all she can get-like yesterday!!)
Sharon needs to reign in His Zeal. (I think it's more like I need to zeal in His reign!)

Come on, why don't you play along! Let me know if you decide to play!


  1. That's so great! Thanks for do this. It is funny to see what google comes up with.

  2. This is a fun one. I've done something similar before, but I just may do this later.

  3. how fun. i think i'm going to have to head over to google just to see what my results are.

  4. I had fun doing this and needed something fun today.

  5. to my dear writer/speaker friend! Thank you so much for calling today and checking on me. I appreciate it. Thank you also for encouraging me and building me up...assuring me that even though you have known me, like FOREVER, you know that what I write is from my heart and is REAL. Hearing that was like water to my dry soul!! I appreciate it. I appreciate it.

    ...and no matter what you say..
    you were always the better writer! (of course, I don't even remember writing! but you said I did, so I believe you!)

    thanks again for your encouragement. YOu are being used mightily of God in women's lives. I'm proud of you!


  6. Hi Sharon,

    Your Needs list is really funny :)

    So is mine :) This is what I found, 7 items only:

    Nancie needs a job
    Nancie needs help
    Nancie needs no words
    Nancie needs all your prayers
    Nancie needs our email addresses
    Nancie needs a job
    Nancie needs a job

    I wondered how they know I need a job desperately! (came out 3 times)

    I surely needs all the help and prayers I can get :)

    And I need no words just your email addresses ;)

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a blessed week!

  7. so much for the break....I wrote about you tonight!


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  9. OK, I thought this was a fun idea and I really did think I would do it too, but after finding one, and only one entry, and seeing what it was... I decided I didn't want to play.... Even if it might be true!! I can't believe the things some people put on the internet.... a 22 yo asking for $ from people because she's too "flat".


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