Remembering in Thankfulness

Recently I've been reminded of the importance of remembering what God has done in the past. It's not that God needs to be reminded-but we do. We need to remind ourselves of God's love and faithfulness to us yesterday so that when we face those same type of difficulties we will trust God to provide again.
We see it model all through scripture. In the Psalms David often spoke of what God had done in the past, not because he thought God had forgotten and needed a reminder, but because David and the people needed to be reminded.
We so easily forget. I so easily forget! So today I'd like to spend some time remembering what God has done and be thankful for it.

I am thankful that before the foundations of the world were ever created God knew me.

I am thankful that God provided a way for me to have a personal relationship with Him through His Son Jesus.

I am thankful that while I was still in my mothers womb He knew I would be His and He knew all that my life would be.

I am thankful that God placed me in a family were I would have grandparents, and other extended family that would pray for me through out my life.

God you are my Father. You have watched over me and loved me through out my life even when I didn't know you were there. I am thankful to you that you allowed five years with my father before he was taken in a tragic car accident.

God I am thankful that you have given us the gift of free choice, even though that meant the sinful choices of some of the men in my life I would be abused. But you God have taken those 9 years of horrific tragedies and have redeemed them.

I am thankful that you protected me in ways that I may not understand and things could have been worse.

I am thankful that you have used my tragedy to help me understand suffering, heartache and pain. You have used it in my life so that I could help others walk the journey of healing.

Father you know that I am not glad that those things have happened in my life, but I am thankful that you have redeemed the years the locust have eaten.

Father I am thankful that you sent one of your precious daughters into my life so that she could share her relationship with you.

I am thankful that you had already begun to prepare my heart in ways I still don't understand for that day so that I would see I needed to know You.

I am thankful for the people you place in my life that would pursue me when I was living in sin, even as your child,so that I could see my sinfulness and be restored.

I thank you for the gift of a beautiful son, even though he was the result of a sinful choice, because it is through that pregnancy that brought me to my knees and draw closer to you.

God you brought a godly man into my life when I didn't think I deserved one. You brought a man into my life that would love me and my son. You brought into my life a man that would encourage me in the healing process and in my walk with you. I am so thankful that you choose him for me long before I ever knew You.

I am thankful God for your faithfulness to me as I have walked a sometimes faithless journey in my healing process.

I am thankful that no matter how hard I fought to just forget, you desired that I remember. It was in remembering that you have healed me.

I am thankful that you were faithful in the life of my prodigal son. You watched over him and never let Him our of Your sight. I am thankful that you continue to draw Him to you.

Father you have allowed many painful sorrows in my life, I am thankful for its in those places I have seen You. It's in that pain and trials of life I have learned that I am not in control and that I am nothing without you.

Father thank you for those times in the past that you have allowed me to go to the edge of sinful choices, for I understand just how depraved my heart is.

Father thank you for providing our needs during times when we didn't understand how they would be met.

Thank you for going above and beyond what would could ask or imagine and giving us blessing we do not deserve.

Father I know I have not even begun to mention all that you have done for me through out my life time, but I am so thankful that you are God and that you love me.

I am thankful that you desire to have a relationship with me and that you daily pursue my ever wondering heart.

I am thankful that you are faithful, trustworthy, you have shown me grace, mercy, and love, you have forgiven me and continually walk beside me.

Father God I am so thankful for YOU for you are GOOD and You have been SO good to ME!

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful expression of your gratefulness for God's bountiful love.

  2. Love this Sharon!!! How perfect!

    Bless you for such aMazing reminders of where and how God has taken us from the past! I have not forgotten!
    I so enjoyed reading God flowing from your thankful heart! Your gratefulness shows the humbleness of your journey with Him and to Him!
    How empty yet then how filled and fulfilled! May God be praised for blessing you with your husband and your son! May we glorify the healing HE brings us through!
    How overflowing His love is and
    GOOD GOD is for allowing me the privilege to know you through this blog! You are such a blessing and
    friend and sister in the Lord!!!
    I thank Our Lord for YOU!

  3. Thank you for a touching thankfulness post.

  4. You have really touched my heart today and thank you so much for sharing your Thankful Thursday.

    Big hugs,

    Tänia of

  5. Thank you for this very lovely and touching thankful post! You have such a thankful heart overflowing with gratitude and love to God. I am greatly encouraged by your post and how God has worked in your life in many wonderful ways. You are are in my thoughts and prayers. May you and family continue to know the love of God in many wonderful ways. Take care, sweet friend and God bless you abundantly!

  6. This was so very precious, bless you.


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