I will not be moved - stand firm!

Every time I hear this song I am reminded that, regardless of what this life may bring my way, I will not be moved for I stand on Christ Jesus my solid rock!

This also fits well with my post from yesterday. When then enemy seems all around us, attacks coming every which way, we need to remember to STAND FIRM. Stand firm on our ROCK and be ready to do battle.

Join Amy and others for THEN SINGS MY SOUL.....


  1. Great video!! I am standing on the ROCK!! JESUS!!PRAISE GOD!!
    Have a great weekend my friend:)

  2. Gotta go add that to my ITUnes wishlist, lol. I think it's time to ask for an ITunes gift card.

  3. What a great song! So comforting! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Who is this girl...she is great and what a amazing song...thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes... I agree! She is wonderful! What is her name? Love the song! Thank you for sharing!

    Tänia of http://weirblessed.com/faithprints/?p=361

  6. I love this song... I'm also loving the new pic of you! Hope you recent time away was refreshing.

    Love, Cristine

  7. Blessings Sharon...I read this the other day after your visit to mine but the video wouldn't play so I went to read your previous post!
    I forgot to come back and comment!

    We even both like Natalie Grant! How great is that!!! So I have this song..and I will NOT be moved!

    She definitely moves me! Her support of the Human Trafficking being stopped is why I discovered her GREAT music!

    I am so glad that this song reminds YOU on the ROCK upon which we stand! You are so right that when we are being attacked is when we must STAND! Bless you for your encouragement & great post on "A Forgotten Enemy"! Thanks for your prayer and strength to confront the real enemy...I had a beginning to a day just like that 20 yrs.ago
    and got up praising the Lord & then preparing for doctor's appt.
    while my two kids worked on finishing up their homeschool work,
    and the enemy roared his ugly head.
    I was raped in my home upstairs with my kids(thank God downstairs)
    while turning off my praise music
    (20 yrs. after the 1st time I was raped). I can never afford to let my guard down or not put on the Full armor of God! As a matter of fact, I thought I had done so that day! It may not be us at all but
    others around us but the enemy certainly knows how to come in and destroy! His schemes can easily catch us off guard and we must be alert! I felt compelled to share this with you since reading & coming to know Cristine and finding out the connection we all share! You indeed have a great testimony of survivor! This enemy will do all he can to stop healing
    or you carrying on with this to help and save others! I know you can and will press on to VICTORY
    in thriving not merely surviving and striving for ALL Christ is doing in you and through you as
    YOU go forth to speak with HIS POWER...you will be strong in the Lord and nevber defeated again by
    the lies of the enemy or his schemes! Continue to resist!
    Draw near to the ONLY ONE...
    who has the grace, mercy, power and love to pull us through...
    Our Lord Jesus Christ!

    God bless my sister & thanks!
    John 8:32


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