Thankful for God

Well I finally have a chance to post and how wonderful it's for Thankful Thursday!!

First I am thankful that God has given us such beauty all around us to remind us that HE alone is God. He created the heavens and earth and all that is in them will give Him glory. And let me tell you the rocks of Sedona AZ certainly bring glory to His name!! The picture I took above is called Madonna with Christ. Can you see it?

I am also thankful for friends who gave us a week of their timeshare and other friends who gave us their flyer miles! We give God the glory and praise for providing for us!

I am thankful for 10 days alone with my husband. Several commented to me before we left that we would probably get tired of eachother by the end. Some even looked at me and said :what will you do for 10 days alone with your husband. WELL can I say that I am loving it!! We have so much fun together, I love sharing life with him. And it's now Thursday and we are still having fun, and have not yet argued over anything!! Our time is SO precious!!

Well friends I will still be on vacation until Sunday so this will probably be my one and only post...I'm just having too much fun seeing God's creation and spending time with the love of my life!!

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I'll catch up on all my reading when I return. May God Bless you all!!


  1. So much to be thankful for - it sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

  2. Hello sweetie, so glad you are enjoying your vacation.

  3. Good for you! It is wonderful that you two delight in each other...Blessings!


  4. You just keep on enjoying your time with your husband!! Happy Vacation!

  5. Good to hear that you are having a great vacation. That's a beautiful picture of God's creation!

    Enjoy your vacation with your hubby!

    Remain blessed!

  6. God Bless You my friend!! Enjoy your time together, cause it is so precious!! Cant wait to hear all about the trip when you get back:)

  7. It saddens me to hear people make comments like that about spending time with their husbands, or having their husbands at home. I've spent 24/7 with mine for years and love it. What a wonderful trip and time for both of you.

  8. Hi Sharon-
    Sounds like you are having a great time with your hubby. Enjoy!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and as you rightly said - Kay Arthur always challenges us.
    I will definitely visit your blog again.
    God bless!

  9. sounds like you've had a wonderful time. and how blessed you must feel for those who gave such wonderful gifts to you.

  10. Hi Sharon... sounds beautiful where you are. I was in Arizona once as a teenager... just beautiful! The sunsets were a sight to remember and so was the grand canyon. Enjoy your special time with the hubby.



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