To My Heavenly Father

Thank you for being a Father to the Father-less. Thank you for loving me, watching over me and for singing over me when I was afraid. You have always been there even when I didn't understand what you were doing or why. No matter where life has taken me or the choices I've made, this I know, You are GOOD (all the time) and You LOVE me.

I have not always understood that you are truly my Father. But you have lovingly and patiently walked with me as I've learned to love you as Father. You are so precious to me, my heart longs to be where you are.

Thank you Father for singing your song of love over me and placing it in my heart for all eternity.

I love you.
Happy FATHER'S Day


  1. I read this and tears came to my eyes...
    My earthly father had pushed me and my siblings completely out of his life years ago.. He started over with another NEWER family..
    This made me think. I need to forgive him, like Our Heavenly Father forgives us.. You have blessed my heart on this day.. Thank you for this.. God Bless you..

  2. Beautiful Sharon, just beautiful:)

  3. so beautiful. i also greeted our heavenly father a happy father's day. He deserves all the praise and honor.

  4. just beautiful! Praise Him for being all the father a girl needs...and then some!

  5. great video. it's visual message that a father's love is so strong. our heavenly father loves so much more - so much that we really can't comprehend it.

  6. What a wonderful Father, What a wonderful God!!!


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