Then Sings My Soul.....

Join Amy and others for THEN SINGS MY SOUL.....

As I searched for a song this week my mind and heart seemed to go in so many different directions. But when I heard this song I KNEW it was the one to share. It's one of my favorites, and at the moment it is also my prayer.

I want my life to honor God. I want my whole life to be an act of worship. I want to surrender all of me and allow God to use me as He wills.

My desire is to live a life totally abandoned to the will of my Father, this is my daily prayer. To live for Him alone....oh Father I so often fail. I so often seek my own way, do my own thing...I want to live for you. I want you to have your way in me.


  1. This is also my desire...I never tire of singing this in prayerful worship...

  2. Great song. Thank you for sharing it. I do love this song.

  3. Sharon,

    I too love this song and it is my desire to honor God and live my life for Him.

    Thanks for sharing this song!


  4. I love this song! And the video is amazing too!! I share your prayer - I want God to have His way in me. I always want to do His will and honor Him to share the gospel in the way that He wants. Blessings, Sharon!

  5. Oh..this one is an all time fav of mine....may it always be our prayer!


  6. This is a great song - and desire!

  7. This is such a great song with a great message! I, too, want to honor God in all that I do.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Ohh Sharon... I love this song and again your words of QUIET REFLECTION! Your prayer is my desire! I, like you, have failed by doing the same...seeking my own way. How grand to know His mercies are new every morning! Our Heavenly Father knows your heart!
    May each day your prayer and life honor Him as you did today with this song! aMazing video & God's grace is for every day so be blessed and enjoy TSMSS & the weekend!

  9. This is also my heart's desire. I love this song and the message it brings...God bless you for sharing that with us today.


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