Renew Me by Avalon

Join Amy and others for THEN SINGS MY SOUL.....

This song asks the questions that so often through my life I have asked.
"Why am I such a dusty window for your light to shine through?"
"Why do I live like I'm in chains when You have set me free?"
"And why do I have to break Your heart before I fall to my knees?"

We seek so many things in the life to fill us, and yet, it is only Christ that can fill the empty places. It is only Christ that can renew a heart that has wondered. He is our strength and refuge...I want to love Him better than this...

The chorus speaks the prayer of my heart...
So renew me
Remake me
Undo me
Unbreak me
Come into the empty spaces
Of my broken places
And consume me
Complete me
Pursue me
Redeem me
Let Your Holy Spirit living through me
Renew me

My life bending to Your will
Seeking You until I'm more and more like You


  1. Sharon,

    So true. Only God can truly fill us with what we need.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome!! Hope you are having fun with your friends:) Enjoy the conference.

  3. This was the perfect thing to find before I head off to worship today. Thank you for faithfully sharing.

  4. Great song.

    I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for praying for my mom. She unexpectedly passed away yesterday.


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