He Came to Rescue Me

I love this song. The words speak the words of my heart.
He came to my rescue when I was abuse, beaten, broken and felt worthless.
Now I only want to be where my Jesus is.
He continues to rescue me as we journey through the broken place of my heart.
It's only in placing my whole life in His hands can I surrender completely to Him. That means surrendering the past, the present, and the future.
It's means bowing down before the God of the universe and allowing Him access to every hurt, every failure, every single broken piece of my life.

He came to rescue me and now I only want to be where He is....

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  1. Fabulous song and video!
    So glad HE comes to my rescue....HE is always there when we need HIM!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Sharon I love He Came to MY Rescue by Hillsong...and I am so thankful that when I call HE came and comes to My Rescue...better HIM than anyone else..actually there is no one else who saves us from abuse, brokeness, inadequate feelings...believeing the lies that we are worthless...being beaten...but HE was also...and in my life and yours HE is Lifted High
    Be blessed as you bless others through this song and your blog
    as HE journeys with you through healing of past, surrender of present and eternal life in the future! Praise God!where He is from where we are...

  3. Hi Sharon,

    I was looking at Hillsong tonight, but then went with something else.
    This is a great song!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks for sharing!

    I love such simple and powerful lyrics:

    I called. You answered.

  5. He came to my rescue too!


  6. What a great song, and a blessing that He rescues us just in time. Thanks for sharing with us. and thanks for your comment on my TSMSS! -blessings, Laurie

  7. Sharon,

    I HAD to know that you would pick a song that shot staright through my heart and found that little spot that is hidden where only God knows that I absolutely LOVE and ADORE this song.

    At the church I grew in the LORD in they used to sing this song a lot and it quickly became one of the worship songs of my heart.

    Thank you dear one...absolutely PERFECT! (Just what I needed...to be reminded that He knows every little detail in the smallest part of my heart of hearts). Thanks! ;)

  8. I'm so sorry that you had to endure abuse. That is a pain that no woman should have to go through. How wonderful that you turned to Jesus to rescue you. This is a great song.

  9. Sharon, what a blessed choice! The song could just repeat, "I called, You answered and you came to my rescue" that is so reassuring to know but sometimes it can be so hard to get engrained regardless of how bit or small things are! Beautiful, beautiful song!

  10. I love that song, very nice post..

  11. Everyone knows I absolutely love Hillsong and this is definitely one of the best songs they do. We sometimes sing it at church. I saw Christine Caine awhile back because one of our pastors on the big island has members of Hillsong all the time, they are personal friends of his, and he always asks them to come here. Singing I'll Stand with Christine at the lead was so unbelievable.

  12. great song. i've never heard it before. thanks for sharing it.


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