Being Thankful as I read Psalms 3

Today I read Psalms 3 and decided to share it for my TT post. I found in this small chapter SO much to be thankful for.

God thank you so much that you are my shield, your protection is all around me. You are my glory, my abundance and the One who lifts me up. You alone sustains me and my salvation belongs to you.

I love that the Greek word for lifts mean be exalted, to be uplifted and cause to grow up. He is the One who lifts my head. Head in the Greek means (top, total, sum). So God is the One who causes my total being to be uplifted! That is something that is praiseworthy!! So often we look to other things or other people to lift us up but it is God, in His glory who lifts us up!

God also sustains me, which means he upholds me. I can lean on Him, and rest upon Him. Sustain in this verse can also mean refresh, revive. What better way to be refreshed than to let the Lord your God revive me.

Thank you God that you are the one I can run to when I need uplifted. When I feel tired and don’t have the mental or physical strength to take another step I only need to rest upon You. You will refresh my Spirit. You will lift me up and cause me to grow and continue on the journey you have placed me on

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  1. I'm feeling a bit weary today. Thank you for your encouraging post! I'm going to spend some time in Psalm 3.

  2. Oh, this was just great!! Thanks for sharing this with us.

    That's cool about the definition of lift, to grow up!!

    Praising God with you for the mighty one who holds us up!


  3. Loved this. He is so worthy!!!!

  4. Me, again.
    Thanks for all the encouragements over at The Accidental Pharisee.
    Another thing to be thankful for: That Thankful Thursday allowed our paths to cross.


  5. Thank you for such a nice post.

  6. Great thoughts from Psalm 3. I didn't know about the Greek word for lifts. It really adds to the meaning - thanks for sharing.
    PS - Guess what I got today? A wonderful package. The devotion book looks really good - I'm anxious to start it. Of course the chocolate and tea look good too. I have a friend who loves tea - so I'll be inviting her over to try a few different flavors! Thanks again!

  7. Thank you for sharing these beautiful insights from Psalm 3...such a blessing!

  8. Sharon

    I really enjoyed your TT. I'm going to have to go back and read Psalm 3.

    Very uplifting on a day when it is needed.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words. I'm choosing to not borrow trouble or not worry. We don't know if this difference in Jan's MRI is simply dead tissue.



  9. Thank you for that post - really needed it. Love your posts, they're usually filled with encouragement. God bless you.


  10. I found your blog through Mari...what a welcome refreshment! I am in need of a bit of Psalm 3 today...I think I will read it before bed.

    Anyway, I have been blessed by your bloggy home and look forward to returning...


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