Thankful Thursday

Well in about 15 minutes it will be Friday, I am REALLY late for this Thursday post...but then I suppose I am to be thankful every day so being late won't matter.

I am thankful for a husband that loves me, cherishes me and makes me feel special. He knows my favorite color is pink. I love everything pink! So for my birthday he got me a new pink cell phone (it was time for my free upgrade. He got me a new PINK laptop! We had been saving for a new one anyway as our old one was dying quickly and since I'm the only one who uses it, because everyone has their own he bought a PINK laptop just for me!! He made me feel so special...I couldn't stop giggling I was so excited!!

I am thankful for friends who love me! Yesterday three of my favorite girls went to NYC for lunch and a show. We laughed, talked, laughed and really enjoyed the day together.

I am thankful for a very pink birthday, besides the above pink items my DIL got me a pink watch and my girlfriend bought me a wonderful pink purse!

I am thankful that God places people in our lives who make us feel loved. I am thankful for ALL my bloggy friends who stopped by to wish me a Happy Birthday - I so appreciate each and every one of you!!

But most of all I am thankful for a God who cherishes and loves me....He calls me precious and beloved....He loves me so...

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  1. How wonderful to not only have a wonderful Christian husband, but one who pampers you and lavishes gifts on you! Happy Blessed Birthday!

  2. Your hubby is great! I think it is so sweet that he got a pink laptop!

  3. Your husband sounds so wonderful, bless him for pampering you with pink. I love pink, and purple. I am glad you enjoyed your birthday.

  4. Aww Sharon I'm sorry I missed your birthday! I'm signing up for your feed (when I finally locate it) so I don't miss stuff like that anymore.

    Glad you had a lovely day and God bless your husband - he sure knows how to pamper his woman! Lol.


  5. Happy Birthday Sharon. I've been so busy I haven't had time to visit the blogs in a week. I'm praying for you and the Ladies Retreat.


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