Thankful Thursday- daily blessings...

GOD is SO GOOD. He daily sends blessings to HIS children...
Photobucket I am thankful for the rain HE provided this week, it was SO needed.
Photobucket I am thankful that while God is MORE than ENOUGH to fill every longing, every desire and need we have, He so ofen sends others to us to give us love, friendship and hugs.
Photobucket I am thankful that God continues to redeem my son who is choosing to listen to God's voice after a long time of ignoring it. God thank you so much for your faithfulness in His life, even during those times I could not see it.
PhotobucketI am thankful for God's endless grace that is poured out each day on my life!
Photobucket I am thankful that God continues to give me daily strength to face each new day, and each new challenge.
PhotobucketI am thankful that God is in CONTROL and I am NOT! I just need continual reminders and I am thankful He patiently reminds me. :-)
Photobucket I am thankful that the Lord Jesus walks with me, hand in hand, through each day.
PhotobucketI am thankful that God calls me HIS Beloved, He loves me and NOTHING will separate me from Him.

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  1. Good list - I'm thankful for the fact that God is in control too!
    PS - I like the flowers on your list!

  2. That's wonderful about your son! May I ask how old he is? May he continue to draw closer to the Lord :0)

    Blessings to you today!

  3. I enjoyed reading your thankful list. God is good and He knows every hair on our heads. Glad to read that your son is once again listening to His voice.


  4. Wow - Sharon, it must be exciting to watch God working in your son's life.

    I am also thankful for Jesus with skin on - people who love me with His love.

    I just LOVE the look around here.


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