I wonder...

After I looked things over,
I stood up and said to the nobles,
the officials and the rest of the people,
"Don't be afraid of them.
Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome,
and fight for your brothers,
your sons and your daughters,
your wives and your homes."
Ne 4:14

I've been reflecting on this verse and the verse in Judges 5:7 where we find Deborah arising as a mother in Israel to help lead her people to war so that they can have freedom. Especially as I visited several blogs where the hot topic seems to be Oprah's new religion and most reactions are to just not watch. I personally have never watched Oprah and I don't plan to start now, but I am curious about what my reaction should be. What answer do I have ready for those who are watching it and ask me about this religion. Am I ready with an answer? Or am I just going to say "change the channel, it's evil, you shouldn't watch it?"

And then I wonder....

Are we so afraid of the enemy, of false religions arising among us, and all the other things that we want turn a blind eye to. I'm just wondering...who is fighting? Do we as believers fight for what is right, true and holy? Or do we just turn away shaking our heads saying "the world is evil, there's nothing I can do."

And I wonder....

Can we be salt and light if we are not even willing to leave our circle of believing friends. How many non-believers do you have as friends? Do they know you are a Christian? If we shelter ourselves from any kind of non Christian influence how are we going to make a difference? How are we going to reach a lost community for Christ?

And I wonder...

Who fights for our sons, our daughters, our families, our homes? The family based community is practically ceased, did anyone arise a mother and fight?

I wonder...

Is this what Jesus meant when He said "Be salt and light"?

Jesus I do not have all the answers and I know I fall short in this area. As I reflect on the people I know I must confess that they are mostly believers. Help me to be like you as you walked among the people and spoke truth. You had influence in the world while walking among them, you did not live separately from them and not socialize with the sinful. Jesus help me to love those who do not know you with the same love you have for them. Help me be willing to get out of my sheltered environment and be willing to stand firm and fight for those who walk in darkness. Jesus change my heart, help me to remember that Your Spirit lives in me and I have access to Your power to fight the enemy. I am not alone .


  1. Sharon - I think you are right and I am guilty too. It's too easy to run away rather than fight, and I am too easily frightened into thinking I won't have the right words instead of trusting God to give them to me.

  2. great post sharon. this is exactly how i feel... that we need to be salt and light, and in order to do that, we must be a part of this world - in all it's brokeness.

    funny you should talk about oprah. i've been having some of the same thoughts and have been doing some soul searching. i'm thinking i'll be writing a post soon.

  3. I think this is part right of course and yes we should stand and fight and be ready to weld our swords.... but I do worry about those that are young in the Lord and can be persuaded by every wind of doctrine.......Those of us that are founded in our faith are able to hear and rebuke and do warfare for others.......... but I so wonder about the many that can be wooed into a false doctrine............ I so enjoy what you had to say and so agree......... but........... any comments on that?

  4. I really believe that being "salt and light" is a life style more than it is a choice to go out and make friends of non believers etc. Of course, if God leads you to a friendship with a non believer that is great, but I really believe it is something that we live...as we interact with the the world we come in contact with each day...in the store, hair dresser, gas station, etc. We can connect with people everywhere we go. And, as we are out doing whatever we do, our attitudes, how we interract with our husbands and children, how we LIVE speaks louder than anything we "do". I think being "salt and light" looks different from person to person, and we just need to pray about how God wants us personally to do that. I have found that our very presence, if we are spirit filled, can be salt and light...as the spirit draws others to Himself. I think that is really cool, because it takes so much of the pressure off of me if I just let HIM lead me and "ooze from my pores"!


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