I am Not Alone

Father thank you that you are always with me, that I am not a lone. Thank you for walking beside me, thank you for being there when I fall. You give me strength when I feel that I can't take another step. Jesus because of You I am never alone.

Even during those times when I feel that no one else walks with me Jesus I know that when I reach for you hand it will be there. You understand the lonilness that can be felt, even in the midst of a crowd of your followers.

Jesus you walk with me when the night seems cold. You hold me, giving me strength I've never known. Thank you for always being there...where ever the road leds...

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  1. How awesome to know that we are never alone!
    Can't wait to hear the details about your give away for your blog anniversary! Congrats.

  2. We are never alone. Isn't that awesome to know. Great pick.

  3. Sharon...I am not alone and neither are you though at times we're surrounded by many...alone!

    I truly understand that...and I truly appreciated the precious words from your heart that reflect your precious friend and mine Jesus!

    Your words were as inspiring as this great song! Bless you...Peggy

    Delight in the Lord thy God who holds you in the palm of His hand
    not just walks withyou hand in hand! May His road lead you into
    a peace of not being alone!

  4. This is one of the true comforts and joys of being a Christian...we are never alone. Beautiful song...


  5. This song is one of those that ministers to my heart each time I hear it!

    We are NEVER alone!

    Have a great weekend.

  6. I am so thankful that I am never alone He is always with me.
    Great Song.

  7. I am so thankful that we are never alone, but that God is always with us.

    Great song!

  8. Oh what a BEAUTIFUL SONG!!!

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Have a blessed weekend♥

  9. I absolutely LOVE Natalie Grant and almost put this SAME song up this weekend as well!!!

    Great minds think alike!!

  10. Love It!! Thanks for reminding us that He is always there with us:)

  11. So good to know we are never alone. In the midst of trials in the middle of our joy...He is there!

    Great song!

  12. i find it such a comfort knowing God is always with me. i often think about those who don't believe in God. how do they make it through the hard times - or even their daily lives? i can't imagine.


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