The Gift of Free Choice

My child I love you,
I know you do not fully understand the depths of my love.
I love you enough to die for you.
I love you enough to give you the most precious gift
A gift you still do not understand.
A gift called free choice.

My beloved child you are mine.
I drew you unto myself years ago.
You loved me, sought me and you desired to follow me.
You were on a path that would lead to my wonderful purpose for you.
Then, you looked away; you began to see what the world had to offer.
It looked pleasing to you, and you choose to follow the lies of this world.
Do you see how much I love you?
I’ve given you free choice, even when it breaks my heart,
even though it cost me the life of my Son.
Do you understand how much His death cost Me?

Now you are choosing your own way.
You are not following hard after Me, tears I cry for you.
My child do you not see the pain you cause?
Do you not see down the road the pain your choices will cost you?
My child I love you, and I will wait for you.
For now you are making choices that cause my heart to ache,
For I long to have an intimate relationship with you
But I can not for I can not fellowship where this is sin.
You say that you want me to guide you to your future.
You can not have intimacy with me while you choose to follow another god.
Someday you will stop running from Me, you will see your need of Me.

Do you understand that you do not walk alone in your sin?
In every wrong choice, every sin you commit, I am there.
I choose that because I chose you before the foundations of the world.
I will not let you go.
Yes I’ll let you have your free choice, but I will continue to work in you,
For you are Mine!
And one day when the world is done with you and you finally believe in the truth
that you already know
You will turn around to come home and I will be there
with my open arms ready to receive you again.


  1. Free choice is such a gift. As a Mom there where times when I wished I could take it from my kids, which makes me understand more, how much of a gift it was from our Father.

  2. We have all been prodigals to some extent and He is always the welcoming Father!!!! Praise God.

  3. Wow. This was so powerful! I'm so glad He is always there waiting with open arms.

  4. There are some Christians that I am close to and they seem to be "taking a break" from Jesus. I want so much for them to see that they need Him. But I have to remember that He gave us Free Choice. There were times that I "took a break" too. Now, I wish that I hadn't. I've missed out on so much that He had for me.


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