Friday Fluff and One year blog anniversary

Sue over at Praise and Coffee often does Friday Fluff so I thought I might join her today!

Today I woke up to rain. As I looked out my window everything looked so lush and green. It reminded me of how 'rain' in our lives often does bring about great spiritual growth - if we let it. God brings the rain so that we will grow deeper, but many of us allow it to do just the opposite.

On Wednesday I had a bit of an accident. I was home alone for the day. I did not expect anyone home until after 5pm. It was 3pm in the afternoon, when my son walked in the house unnoticed by me. I came out my bedroom door saw a body out of the corner of my eyes screamed, jumped back, lost my balance and fell square on my coccyx and dislocated it. The pain was incredible, I thought I might have broken something...x-rays show a dislocation. We laugh about was funny...but the pain will last for quite some time according to the doctor.

It's officially my one year bloggy anniversary. So I thought I would do a giveaway to celebrate! I'll post all the details later.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Thank you everyone for making this a great year of meeting new sisters in Christ!!!!


  1. Happy anniversary! I think I'm almost at mine too. Sorry about your accident - I had a friend who did that too and it was sore for a while. Hope yours heals fast!

  2. Oh Sharon, OUCH!! I pray a speedy recovery for you.
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I love your blog, and I am so glad to have you as my friend:)

  3. Happy Bloggy-versary Sharon! I am so glad that you stepped out into the have been a BIG blessing to so many! Thanks for all you do and who you are!!!

    Much Love & Hugs,

  4. OUCH!!
    i'm so sorry to hear this. i've heard your injury is quite painful and that it does last for some time. you'll be in my prayers.


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