On my heart this morning...

You are Holy Lord. My soul longs for You. My heart cries out Your name, for You alone can fill me. You alone Lord can satisfy. You alone are all I need.

Oh God, why does my flesh so often seek anything other than You? Why does my heart listen to the enemy when he whispers lies in my mind? Lord, cleanse me! Forgive me! Daily I fail You, and yet I stand forgiven! I know You love me, You showed me at the cross the cost of Your love, thank you Jesus!

At the cross I bow my knee, for it's there I find forgiveness. There is no greater love for me. At the cross Jesus I lay my life, I lay my needs, I lay my desires. Jesus I want to follow You in total abandonment!

Jesus Your all I need! Your grace, Your mercy, Your love...has set ME FREE!!!

For all You've done for me, even though I deserve nothing, I thank you! You are the only ONE worth living for!

Jesus, I want to see through your eyes, I want to touch with Your hands, I want to love with your heart. Oh Jesus, my precious Jesus, I want You to live through me. Keep me near to you, search me Oh God, let my heart be humble before you. Help me walk along with You, never on my own. In all I do Lord, I want it to bring you glory, I want it to be pleasing to You.

Oh God I know I will fail! I pray that in those times I will have the humility to seek forgiveness and learn the lesson you would desire and then move on in Your will.

I love you, may my life be a sacrifice to You. I love you, all my hope is in You. Take my life, take all of me. I bow before You and ask that You use me according to Your will and desires. Help me to see clearly those times when I am following my own way. I never want to be in any place that You have not called me.

I say I love you, I say I trust you...and yet so often my actions do not show it, forgive me! Show me Lord, teach me how to love more, to trust more, to be completely and totally abandoned to YOU!


  1. yes we are set FREE!! Beautiful:)
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Dear Sharon,

    All i can add is 'amen'!

    Much love, Chanin


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