I AM that I AM

For months now God has been showing me so much and there is so much I want to share with you. But what I have been seeing is hard to put into words. God has been showing me that He can NOT fit into a nice little box. HE is so much bigger than the box many of His children have put Him into.

As My thoughts began along this line I began to wonder why have I found it necessary to place God in my box. the answers that began to run through my mind were...

If God can fit into a box He's surely not very powerful.
If God can fit into a box do I get the feeling that I can control him?
Maybe if He's in a box then I feel I have control over my life?
In a box maybe God could be easily understood, followed or obeyed?
I quickly realized that none of those answers were true - for God can NOT fit into a nice neat little package that can be controlled or figured out. And yet...
Why do we so often try to make God conform into the image we want Him to be or the God we THINK He is?
Why do we place God into a box of rules, regulations and conforming to what we think He should be?
While reading the book The Shack by William Young I came across a scene where "God" is speaking to Mack (yes it's a fictional book)and he says "I am a verb. I am that I am. I will be who I will be. I am alive, dynamic, ever active and moving. I am a being verb." As I read that and thought about Ex 3:14 where God states "I AM that I AM" then says to Moses "tell them I AM has sent you."
I AM a constant state of being.
How can I AM fit into a box?
Can the Great I AM be controlled?
We know the right answers. And yet do we live our lives as such? We have erected barriers around God, seeking to constrain Him. The interesting thing I have seen is that whether or not we put God in a box this will in no way affect His character or His ability to act. The only thing it affects is my view of Him. I am the one who becomes imprisoned, not God. So it's not so much that I need to free God but I need to open up my mind to a great God who is the the GREAT I AM!
A God whose...
Bigger than anything I can imagine.
Love is wider and deeper than anything I can comprehend.
Grace is poured out in ways I do not understand.
Not limited by my finite mind.


  1. "I am the one who becomes imprisoned, not God."

    So true, thanks for your insightfulness and guidance.

    Just beautiful!
    The Park Wife

  2. isn't the shack a wonderful book!? i loved it and have passed it out to several people. i wish everyone would read this book.

  3. So true! I don't understand why I do that either! I love the quote from the book! I am a verb! God is action isn't he!


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