For This Reason I Came...

“Now My soul has become troubled;
and what shall I say,
'Father, save Me from this hour’?”
Why is it that when trouble comes we are surprised? When it does come, and it will, how do you deal with it? What is your first response? Often times don’t we cry to God to remove it? We don’t like trouble. We don’t like to be uncomfortable or in pain. We don’t like to walk through trials. Our answer to Jesus’ question is most often YES! Save me from this hour! But His response was

“But for this purpose I came to this hour.”

I wonder how different life would be if we viewed our trouble from this perspective? Walking through the trial, the difficulty, the pain and the sorrow believing ‘for this purpose I came’ might change our whole outlook. What effects would it have on your family or your neighbors?

To endure all of life both joy and sorrow as if


Can you imagine a world of believers and the impact they would have on this earth, on the generation if we lived with that one thought in our mind. This is the reason I came, this is my purpose, to walk this path in such a way that brings honor to God.
"Father, glorify Your name"
Most of us know that we have a purpose, and that purpose ultimately is to bring glory to our heavenly Father, but do we LIVE that way? Does ALL our life bring glory to His name, even the troubles? Can we honestly say that when trouble comes our Father is glorified? Or do we pray for the quick way out? Maybe you hide until trouble is over?

Next time you face trials, trouble, pain or sorrow think about what Jesus said,
"For this purpose I came to this hour. Father, glorify Your name."
Then walk bravely through it with Jesus by your side.

The words of our Lord are in red and taken from the NASB John 12:27-28a.


  1. Oh that is so good, and a great reminder that we are not alone when we walk through our trials.. Thanks Sharon your awesome:)

  2. We just saw a video at church where they asked quite a few people on the street what their purpose was. Only one person said they were a Christian and that his purpose was to serve and glorify God. A lot of the other answers were sad. I like your reminder that we are to glorify God even or maybe especially in times of trouble.

  3. that is so true. I remember when Gary and I read this together and God hit this hard on my heart. We were single, not even courting at the time, but good friends. I was freaking out about it, cause I was SO excited about what truth this reveals about God Himself. The only way I won't cry out to God to get me out of the trial is if I see Him as worth going through it to begin with. The purpose isn't just to make it through it, but that He be glorified as He brings me through it. It's not survival, it's surrender. And a beautiful thing-worship, true, unhindered worship-comes forth in it. Because there is great glory brought in us as believers being seen praising our God in the midst of trials. That's where the difference comes between us and unbelievers. We have hope! It is not suffering with no purpose. It is VERY purposeful. For the glory of God and the good of us. What joy is found in that! We've experienced this again this past month with Gary's sister's death. And we're praying will be clearly witnessed by those around us as we grieve. We are not without hope in the midst of the hard things. Our God is so good, so gracious!
    Thanks for this timely reminder! Love you!
    ps- tell them to go for #3. It's SO fun! We're so excited about #4. It's crazy!

  4. Sharon,

    I so loved this post. What a wonderful example to me of how to face a trial or a hardship of any kind. I am going to share this with my husband!

    Have a blessed day my friend,


  5. great post. indeed, what a different world it would be if we lived every moment and circumstance to glorify God.

  6. Sharon, This is such a great post. You've given me lots to think about this evening. Thanks!

  7. Wonderful post !!! We must walk by faith and not look at the storms around us.......... I will glory in the cross...........


  8. Great post, Sharon. The last few years I have gotten hold of this TRUTH and truly been acknowledging that though I may be taken by surprise by something God never is and that He has His purposes for my life within it. It does give such peace in the midst of the storm.


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