We're Havin a Blog Party!!!

Photobucket LET'S PARTY!!! I LOVE a good, clean fun party don't you!! So grab your noise makers and start making noise!! Go on....

Hummm....Your not loud enough....I can't H E A R you!

I'm so glad you came, because it just wouldn't be a party without you!! When I throw parties I usually like to take the opportunity to know my guest better. SO if you would please leave a comment and answer one of these three questions. OR if you have time why not answer all three!!!
1. What was your favorite surprise Party? Who threw it for you and what was the occasion? What made it special?
2. Describe what a perfect day with a friend would be like.
3. Describe one thing about you that most people might be surprised you can do, have done, seen etc...

Thanks so much for partying with me! Don't you just love a good party!!

So party on my friend and visit all the other parties out there! Visit 5 Minutes For Moms for More PARTIES!!!


  1. I'm so glad to meet you. I honeymooned in the Poconos over 26 years ago.

    My favorite surprise party was when I was 19 my parents threw me a surprised birthday party. It was a total surprise. I got married nine months later.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Nice to meet you. Greetings from Singapore, Asia. Just drop in to say hello!

    I like to spend a day at the spa with friends... we would be relaxing and talking about our kids, hubby and dreams. Then we would go for the most sinful desserts! hehehe....

  3. Hey Sharon, nice party! My favorite surprise party was my 40th. My husband and sister put it on for me. I kind of knew about it, it's hard keeping secrets from me, but it was great because they put alot of work and thought into it.
    A Perfect day with a friend would be just relaxing, maybe at the beach with out the kids. Just being able to talk and not have any responsibilities.
    One thing people may not know about me is I am very good with numbers! I can remember numbers, and I love basic math (not trig, or geo), just cold hard math.
    Have a great day!

  4. I've never had a surprise party but enjoyed going to a friends 50th a few months ago. It was fun because she was so totally surprised! A perfect day with friends would involve some leisurely shopping, going out for supper and time to just talk and laugh. One strange thing about me is that I am double jointed - especially in my elbows so I can bend them backwards, further than most people. They look pretty strange when I do that!
    Thanks for the party!

  5. Hi Sharon!

    1. I have never had a surprise party, but this next year I turn 40- so maybe..... :)

    2. A perfect day with a friend would be a day spent talking about the things of the Lord, our families, our dreams- maybe going to a bookstore or two (I LOVE books - new and old).

    3. In my bodybuilding/fitness competing days I used to squat 115 lbs. Now I am doing good to even squat using the bar (45 lbs)with no weight added.

    Thanks for the party!

    In Christ, Chanin

  6. 3. Describe one thing about you that most people might be surprised you can do, have done, seen etc...

    that I love to run.. i did it alot before i had kids!

  7. Hey Sharon!
    This is nice! I love parties. My favorite surprise party was my sweet 16th. My dad had the song 16 candles playing when I walked in and all my friends were there.
    My perfect day with a friend would start with us meeting for coffee. Then we would spend the day at an art museum or walking around at the Blues festival, then sit up late talking, going through pictures and watching old movies.
    Most people would be surprised to know that I spent a summer in Europe, singing.

  8. Very nice to meet you! You throw a great party! Can you hear my noisemaker?

    My best friend gave a surprize wedding shower for me when I was in college. I was totally surprised!

    Come party with me!

    Eleisia at

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  10. Great Party!! yeeha:) My DH surprised me for my 50th with a party at a local restaurant with all my family and friends, it was awesome!!

    My friend and I shop, dine, and LAUGH like little girls:) I guess I am an open book to most, not to much that would surprise people:) Thanks for the party I enjoy visiting with you my friend:)
    love ya,

  11. Just to let you know you make my day I have given you an award! You've already gotten it from Mari, but I needed to let you know too!

  12. one thing people don't know. I have a thing for socks. I have well over 100 pair of socks.

  13. even tho you know me, i'll answer anyways :]

    -> i've never had a surprise party thrown for me :(
    -> it would all depend on the friend, but i'm sure it would include shopping, lunch, and a movie.
    -> when i was young, i always wanted to sky dive. so when i was 19, i did just that. it was quite the experience.

  14. 1. I've never had a surprise party thrown for me. :(
    2. A perfect day with a friend would be going out to eat (I love to go out to eat) and talking.
    3. I have had arthritis since I was three and I talk about it some on my blog but some people would be surprised to know that as a child, I was embarrassed about it and never told anyone I had arthritis.
    Love your blog. I'm a christian too.

  15. 1. My two close friends threw me a surprise 30th b-day party. They knew I was having a hard time with the birthday so the threw a big surprise party for me.

    2. Going to a spa would be awesome. Then supper and maybe a stroll through a bookstore.

    3. I always make my bed, even if it is at 9pm before getting in it.

  16. Perfect day with a friend would be laying on the beach in the warm sun. Talking and relaxing!
    Nice to meet you - enjoyed your party! Please stop my blog - I'd love to have you visit!

  17. Hi -- it's so nice to meet you. I'm glad I found your site as part of the blogging party. It is beautiful. A perfect day with a friend would be spent catching up on what's going on in our lives, maybe a good meal, along with a good walk on a beautiful day.

    Enjoy the party!

  18. Still hopping from blog to blog... my goal is to post at each blog at least once. Nice to meet you. Happy blogging!


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