It's my turn...

I thought since so many of you have shared the answers to my questions. It's my turn to answer them for my guest!
1)I've only had two surprise parties. The one I will never forget was my 29th birthday. My beloved husband, love of my life, thought it would be funny to throw me a surprise 30th party. So of course the whole night I'm trying to tell everyone I'm only 29 but no one truly believes me. By the end of the night he did tell everyone my true age. It was funny I have to admit...than and now. He keeps me laughing!!
2)A perfect day with a friend would be to share a coffee and chocolate with a friend who likes to have good, deep conversations. I can do the fluff talk, but what I love is those deep conversations where we share from a heart level about what God is doing, where we are at in our walk, our joys and struggles etc..
3)One thing people don't know about me and while in the mid-west it's a bit more common and people usually have at least heard of it, people around hear have no clue what it is. When I was about 4 1/2 I almost died when I contracted Histoplasmosis in my lungs. I spent over a week in the hospital and to this day when the Doctor takes x-rays of my lungs they almost always ask me about the scar tissue that is still evident from it.

Well that's it! Thanks to everyone who joined in the party questions!!


  1. Hey girl... I am finally out and about and it seems that I am way behind on some of your posts... Life is fast somedays..... I like to fluff talk but I long for the deep spiritual things of the Lord.. I need a friend that can do that... I have been praying for one.. I hope the Father God is keeping an eye out for her... I know she is out there in this little town somewhere... but in the mean time I will chat with you and the other wonderful ladies... Love the story about the surprise birthday party.....

  2. how do you get such a disease? and why is it more common in the mid-west? i'm glad you were able to heal from it. thanks for sharing.

  3. I like how your husband surprised you! One year to early! You'd never suspect! I like deep conversations too! I don't do small talk well, but give me a good debate!

  4. I know what Histoplasmosis is and it is very dangerous. I'm thankful you only have some scar tissue to show for it. I can't believe you have had 2 surprise parties. Maybe they are done more in you area - most people I know haven't even had one!

  5. Very interesting post. I'd never heard of that disease either.


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