AND MORE TO COME!!!! I didn't even have to do THE SNOW DANCE!

My son is very excited about FRESH POWDER


  1. I'm glad you got some of that white stuff. You're son does look quite happy!

  2. I know you were hoping for a real snowfall. Glad you got a taste of what we have been living for the last 2+ months.

    Great pictures!!

  3. Hi Sharon-
    Looks like you DID get snow! We got ice...yuck.
    I cannot believe how "old" Josh looks. He's like a man!
    Thanks for your sweet comment...
    I love you too! I am often reminded of you and smile. It is amazing how God works, isn't it? I cringe thinking of some of the things I said/did while in the youth group...oh mercy! Thank God for his incredible grace! And for those of you who extended it to this very needy one. PTL, now I'm a 28 yr. old wife, mother of 3 that experiences that Grace daily!!! I cry whenever I think about it.
    How undeserving...how good He really is!
    Love you!

  4. You must be someone who loves snow like I do.

  5. have you not got much snow this season? i would think you would according to where your profile says you live. well, enjoy it! and have a nice weekend.

  6. So glad you like it, You can have all mine too:)

  7. Josh looks so much like Kieth!!!

    Come see me soon!
    We need some girl time!

  8. I am happy to say we got a break and I am glad you got some of the white stuff. Your son does look very happy.

  9. WOW...looks like the family is going to have a great outdoors day with the fluffy white stuff!

    I love snow too, but I am also one that only likes it for about a week.

    We don't really get ANY snow here in Ft. Lauderdale, so I have to go and visit friends and family up north to get to see some! (Not complaining though...)

    Have Fun and Make a Snow Angel for ME! ;)


  10. Have fun! Can I send the Buckaroo's to your house for some winter wonderland fun?
    The Park Wife

  11. I just wanted to stop in and let you know that I've awarded you something over at my blog! Blessings!


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