Thank you God!!

I'm sure some of you are wondering whether or not I've dropped off the face of the earth or not! But I assure you I'm alive and well...just incredibly busy! I have enjoyed stealing a few moments here and there to read all my favorite posts and even left a few comments here and there! So I hope my friends haven't given up on me!!

As I've thought about what to share today...what to be Thankful for...I decided I'd share something that happened last night and this morning. I had the opportunity to come across my old journals while cleaning out an old chest. I began writing in the spring of 1978 when I was 16. That fall I accepted Christ as Savior.

It was interesting sitting there reading through pages of memories, some very painful memories. There are a few things I saw. I wrote a lot about loneliness, unworthiness, feeling unloved, unwanted, afraid and hopeless. I wondered often if God could ever really love me, the way everyone said He did. I wondered if I'd ever find real acceptance, value or love.

I also noticed that regardless of how bad things got, how low I became that I was determined to trust in God.

I wanted so desperately to believe in Him and trust what He said in the Bible was true for ME. Over and over I would cry out to God to love me, forgive me, accept me, make me feel whole, pure and good.

It's been so long I had forgotten just how lost I was during those years after accepting Jesus. I realize now that I understood so very little. So much had happened prior to knowing God that I couldn't see God through any other lens other than shame.

As I thought about the past and my journey to here there is a profound thankfulness to God and what HE has done!

Amazing Grace that saved one such as me! I was lost but now am found, I was blind but now I see!

Redeeming love that so patiently and faithfully worked out everything in my life for good.

Every time I doubted, ran or pushed him away He stood there waiting for me.

When I couldn't see or feel His love He just continued to embrace me.

He has been so faithful to continue the refining process, and will continue until He sees His reflection.

I am so thankful that when He heard my cry HE brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay, and He sat me feet on footsteps firm. HE put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God!(Ps 40:1b-3a)

I am thankful that I can take refuge in God and need not be ashamed. It's His righteousness that delivers me and rescues me. I am thankful that I have hope continually in my God. I can praise Him for the mighty deeds He has done in my life! (PS 71)

I am thankful that I now know that all things DO work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

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  1. Hi, I came over from the link on Southern Sass's blogging with a purpose award. I'm very glad I did. Wonderful post!!! GRACE, grace, God's GRACE!!!! That's what it is all about.

  2. I didn't think you got lost, life just keeps us busy!
    How wonderful that you started journaling before you were saved. Those journals are priceless and really show your journey through your Christian life.

  3. It's wonderful to go back and read past writings! God is so incredibly faithful! Never leaving or forsaking!

  4. That is so cool. I found some journals too and I cried, wow life changes.. glad our God does NOT:)

  5. i wasn't necessarily worried, maybe a little concerned. i was actually going to look for your email address so i could email you. so... i'm glad you're okay.

    great post. i love your posts because we get a glimpse of your heart. thanks for sharing it.

  6. What a gift to be able to travel back in time thru your journals and then see how you have grown over the years! God bless you this week!

  7. You are always missed but I always understand the busy part...... I find myself just too stretched these days...............

    Love the post.......... Amazing Grace,,,,,,,,,

  8. That's when I first started journaling too, when I was a teenager, around 14 (which was only like 15 years ago!) Anyway- I have TONS of them and continue to journal almost daily. I LOVE to read them at the end of each year and see what God has shown me of Himself that year, how He's grown me, changed me, answered prayer. It's so encouraging. I also had started a journal to my husband when I was 16, up til our wedding day, and gave it to Gary on our wedding night. It is a treasure. Oh my, how gracious God was/is in my life! Reading that journal, I am SO glad for the work that He did in my heart prior to marriage. There are sweet prayers, dreams...some that have already been answered or come true! It adds courage to keep trusting in God NOW, knowing how faithful He has been in the past. We have much to be thankful for, what a gracious God!

  9. I really enjoy reading back through old journals to see a picture of my heart back then. It's a powerful reminder of God's work in our lives. So glad He swooped you up and brought you into His family!

  10. Praise God!

    Welcome back...glad to see you are still around!

  11. I too am thankful for His amazing grace and that He never gave up on my. Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this past week.

    Blessings to you and your wonderful family.


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