I recently came across this but I don't remember where...but anyway I wonder if it would work? hehehehe

The Snow Dance....

1. turn your pagamas inside out and put them on.
2. then gather white beads and a couple pieces of white paper.
3. when that is done, rip up the paper into small pieces.
4. then turn your music on real loud and dance until you get tired.
5.While you dance, throw the paper and beads around your room. it symbolizes snow.
6. when you are so tired that you can't dance or throw the paper and beads around any longer. pick up the beads and pieces of paper put them in the under side of your pillow case and go to sleep.

My husband may think me a bit crazy though if I go dancing around ripping up paper and throwing beads trying to make it snow.


  1. Sharon, I'm sorry ,but I think the snow is getting to your brain, hehe. After reading your last post I think you are getting quite daring in your old age dacing around with your jammies inside out. Too funny!

    I love the new haircut and the profile picture. Don't feel bad about the bifocals. My boss says they are a sign of maturity. People always laugh when he tells them that. I do miss my eye sight from the days before bifocals, but I'm very thankful I have them to see the small details.

  2. First I must say that you may be little bit crazy! Second - be careful what you wish for, I think you've heard my moaning.
    It is just horrible here today. I drove through the worst weather yet to get to work - ice, snow, drifting and bad visibility. The police are telling everyone to stay off the roads and all the churches are cancelled. Any more snow, I'll send your way!

  3. Oh Sharon, if you want snow, you come see me in Michigan, -20 wind chill, 5 degrees, my dear you can have it, I will trade with you:)Yeah dancing in you pj's hmmm. you crack me up:) Have a great week:)

  4. Ah Sharon, it that is a dance for snow, I'm afraid I can't participate! We've got enough thanks! If you want some sure wish we could send some your way! It's good to be inside today! God Bless and enjoy your dance!


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