The Clouds and Wind...

I struggle to write. To put my thoughts to words seems difficult today.

I’m sitting here looking out my window and watching the clouds roll by, thinking yep, that’s how I’ve been feeling the last few days. The sun is trying to peek through, but the clouds continue to try and block its path. Those clouds are just like my negative thoughts, lies believed and downward emotions. If those clouds would just move faster then the sun could actually peek out for more than a few seconds. The thought came to me, “the wind”. The wind causes clouds to move faster! As I looked closer I could see the evidence of the wind as the trees began to sway and the clouds continue to move on.

That’s what I need, the wind to blow those current clouds of lies, loneliness and doubt quickly through my head. But wait! I have the wind that I can call upon, right? I have the Spirit of God! I can call on the Spirit to blow a mighty wind through my thoughts, my emotions and rid it of those dark clouds!

I need the Holy Spirit to flood every corner of my mind, I need to be submerged in the holiness of God. I need God to flood the emptiness with HIM!

Then this song came to mind… by John Waller

Oh Father in heaven there are days that I do not fully understand why I feel so lonely, and down! But what I do know is that I can call on You, I can call on Your Spirit! Oh Father as I come to you, as I seek Your face, Your truth, help me this day to walk in the fullness of the Spirit! Help me to know truth and walk by faith, not by sight or feelings. Fill me with all of You! Flood me with Your Spirit!


  1. What a thought! I love the idea of the Holy Spirit blowing those thoughts and the clouds out. The song fits well. I'll pray for a cleansing wind!

  2. That is so awesome, I love the way you spiritually interpret your thoughts, Very deep yet simple:)
    Love the video:)

  3. There's a song by Watermark that talks about the shadows...but that if there are shadows, there has to be some kind of light in order to produce them. I forget which song it is! I love them- I can't believe I can't remember right now...anyway, so even when we feel like we're in the dark, even to know that we are is proof of God's light! Isn't He so good!?

  4. sorry you're feeling down. may the Holy Spirit flood you with peace and contentment. thanks for being so transparent. i think we can all relate. i know i can.

  5. Thanks for the reminder that we do have that awesome wind to blow all things not of Him away! Praying That the Holy spirit encourages you today!

  6. Oh to be filled with His Spirit - what a wonderful thing. As we draw near to the Lord, He will draw near to us.

    I just read in Ezekiel 34:12 where God says, "As a shepherd who seeks out his flock on the day he is among his scattered sheep, so will I seek out My sheep and deliver them from all the places where they are scattered on a cloudy and dark day."

    Praying for that Sonshine today :)

    P.S. I was just up in your neck of the woods this weekend skiing.

    P.S.S. I love your new haircut. I tried to comment on an earlier post but was having trouble with Blogger.


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