The World Race

I am so thankful that I have had the amazing privilege to pray for and follow Traci as she has traveled with The World Race 2007.

Traci has had some wonderful God moments as she has traveled to Thailand, the Philippines, China, Cambodia, Hong Kong and is now on her way to Africa. The lessons God has taught have been life changing for her. Below I just wanted to share a little about the last 5 months that she has been gone.

10/3/07 "In America, how often are Christians given the opportunity to lead a Christ-centered program in a public school? According to my own knowledge, not least not anymore. Our team has been so incredibly blessed with several chances a week to do just that. I find it ironic that in the "nation under God," we are not able to talk about Him in schools. On the flip side, in a country of 94% Buddhists, we have been welcomed, doted upon, encouraged, thanked, and told "God bless." God is working here! In a land with less than 6% of its people claiming to know Jesus, He is alive and spreading wide. The looks on the faces as we present what He has done in our lives, the joy He has given us for these people, the ability to show love without ever verbalizing it—He is changing lives."

10/23/2007 "When we crossed the border from Thailand to Cambodia, a little Cambodian boy ran up to me begging for food or money. I had a bag of little snacks with me, so I reached for a sealed bag of coated peanuts and handed it to him. He thanked me and ran off. No sooner did he leave then a woman came up to me begging. I judged her. I took one look at her untattered clothes, her hair neatly pulled back, and her feet protected with shoes and thought to myself, "She doesn't need anything." Who am I to decide that? A few seconds later the first boy returned to beg more, accompanied by several friends. I felt accosted by them. They followed me for about fifteen yards, walking on all sides of me. Where do we draw the line? Should I have given the boy the peanuts to begin with? Should I have given all of them everything I had? Sometimes I think, "That would have been easier for Jesus; He could have multiplied the food." But how many times did he actually do that in the bible? Very few. I am sure there were hundreds of people he could have given food to that he didn't; thousands of people he could have healed; millions he could have given homes to. Where did he draw the line? I don't believe there is a line. I believe we need to trust the Father to lead us to the people we should help, and trust him with the rest that we cannot help."

1/22/2008 "We met a man this month—a missionary in this place—who was basically handed life on a silver platter. "Everything I touched turned to gold," and by the time he was twenty he had started two businesses, worked alongside politicians helping them win elections, and was even a commercial pilot. Materially he was wealthy and successful beyond belief living extravagantly and wildly; but emotionally and spiritually he was lacking. Through a series of events he found himself desperate enough to listen to what God was calling him to do—be a missionary. After realizing he couldn't escape this call he told God that he would have to do it all. "I won't raise the support, I won't choose the location or the ministry, and I won't find a way to do it." Fortunately for him, that is exactly where Christ wanted him—completely relying on him.

He said he found God's call for his life and it is not "suitable" by the world's standards and often even his own. This is where he has been called, though, and he is completely joyous because of it. It got me to thinking. I would not call this situation "suitable" whatsoever, but this is where God has asked me to be for the time, and I can honor Him by making the best of it and being joyful, regardless of comfort. I'm sure Paul didn't find jail suitable, but he knew that his presence there was necessary and a part of his path. This encounter with a humble missionary made me question my attitude often this month. It also made me look toward this future with new perspective. Christ may ask me to go to a place or give up things that don't suit me, but will I follow and be willing to sacrifice little, or will I stubbornly resist and possibly miss out on his plan for my life."

It's been fun and a growing experience as I've had this opportunity to share in this journey with Traci. I am so thankful to God that today's technology allows those of us at home to participate in this way....

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  1. Wow! What a powerful TT post! Praise God that He is reaching people all over the world!! Thank you so much for sharing what God is doing and a reminder to ask God to lead us to those He wants us to help and minister to!!

  2. Thanks for sharing and yes God is good and helpful to all of us. Take care.

  3. Sharon, thanks for sharing this - it was very encouraging. Seeing someone walk a true walk of faith through the experience of missions is so powerful.

  4. how very interesting. yep, technology sure makes the world a smaller place. thanks for sharing.

  5. Such an awesome post, be blessed.

  6. Powerful Post!! Thank you so much for sharing that with all of us!

  7. Wow.... Wow....

    Wonderful TT post.

  8. Sharon,
    I've tagged you for a fun meme. Hope you can participate.

  9. I believe that the gospel must be taught in all the world before we can go home..... It was my desire when first born again to go and teach and preach.... That did not happen but I am always blessed to see about, or read about those that do......... I have a very dear friend that I mentored that went move to El Salvador this past October I am so proud of her and we support her ministry... It is a good feeling...........


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