Look What I missed!

Wow! I leave for a few minutes...ok so maybe a few days and look what happens! Two lovely ladies give me the same award!

The award was originated by Xandra from Heart of Service, and here are her words for this award:
"...it's for blogs that I must read every day without fail . . . They make you laugh, cry, think and feel connected every time you read a post. They give you a thrill as you see them loading into your browser and you get an equally satisfying thrill when you see that they have commented on your blog."

The two women had this to say...
Denise said ....Sharon gives me food for thought and causes me to dig deeper into my word
Mel said...- she is a great women's chick. She can preach it and teach it in a way that is not overbearing or arrogant. She is kind and approachable.

So now to pass it along...to a few who don't already have it!

Diana-I love to visit her ! She is such an encourager.
Stephanie One of my favorite "Southern Belle's". She has a passion for God and a real love for her family, I just love to read about her Park adventures!
Heather is one of those women that I could just read and read what she writes. There is such insight!

And anyone else who doesn't already have it and are on my bloggy friend list...I can't miss reading any one of you!


  1. I'm glad they gave it to you. I was going to and thought you already had it! So - I guess you deserve it 3 times over! (And probably more)

  2. Thanks for linking to my blog! From the comments your friends made about you, it sounds like you truly deserve this award!

    I look forward to coming back and reading more!


  3. Oh, how I love my daily dose from Quiet Reflections. Thank you so much for choosing me, I am going to pass it on too. You are so very special, thank you for your kind words. I hope you know how much your writing touches me.
    The Park Wife, Stephanie

  4. why thank you, sharon. i'm honored... to receive the award and to have you as a loyal reader. i'm appreciate both tremendously.

    and congratulaions to you, too.

  5. Good Morning!!! and you might not have realized it but when you are gone... We are looking for you!!! No pressure here...ahhhahahhah

    but seriously , I am so beginning to understand that we are all connected and that the Lord is doing something so special here in the blog world... I am so busy as all of the other women here and it is hard sometimes to keep up... However I have decided in the past few days with Mother being sick and in the hospital that the friends that I am making here are not fair weathered friends... They remain through the abundant times when I have time to sit and chat and through the times that I am just not able to spend time here... ... I said all that to say this............... I so enjoy your posts and I will miss you when you are gone and I will understand....

    I am praying the spirit of laughter for my friends today... it is such good medicine....

  6. You so totally deserve it Sharon!!!


  7. You are quite deserving of this award friend! Congratulations!

    Your blog looks beautiful.


  8. Hey girl - you just made my day! All smiles here - from ear to ear. And I haven't said anything but I agree with Sue, I like the new blog.

  9. Oh Congratulations! You are one of my faves!


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