The last few days (maybe even weeks) I have been feeling kind of Bah humbug. Guess mostly because the winter months causes my pain to worsen and I spend a lot of time on pain meds which make me feel tired and down. So I've only been taking them when I just can't stand it anymore - but then I'm dealing with pain.

Then there are the holidays. I miss my family! Christmas used to be about getting together with mom and dad, grandparents, nieces and nephews etc... it just doesn't happen anymore. The kids get older, family moves away they just don't stay in touch etc... Christmas and Easter are both hard for this reason.

I don't mean to sound like I'm whining, but I wanted you to understand my state of mind the last few days. So that you'd understand just how much it means to me that God has given me two gifts ...well three really that have lifted my spirits.

1) I spent some time in Psalms today. God reminded through David that it's ok to have down days. It's ok to mourn and cry out to God when we are in feeling down. But then David always ends up praising God. God showed me today that even in the midst of those pity parties we like to have He is still God and I need to focus on Him, the truth of His word, and then have an attitude of thankfulness...of joy! It ALWAYS goes back to making a choice. I must choose to walk in joyfulness regardless of circumstances or feelings. Thank you God.

2)I went to visit a dear friend in the hospital last night. About 6 of us went to pray with this dear woman of God. She has been through so much over the last 10 or more years, having more surgeries than any one person should have in a lifetime. While this women suffers in more pain than I'll ever know she continues to have a spirit about her that is thankful and gives praise to God. We went to be a blessing to her and came away blessed by her. She reminded me AGAIN that it's not our pain or our circumstances that control our feelings. We can choose to go against our feelings and rejoice, be at peace. Thank you God.

3)Today, right after reading Psalms I thought "I should go get the mail". Well in my mail box there was a package from God. Honest! God used a precious friend to send me my favorite tea (which I'm drinking right now!), chocolates, coffee,a friend book and a frame with our picture in it! Oh and candles that match my bedroom!!It was just what I needed. It was as if God said to me "Sharon I have heard your cry". You see I've been feeling lonely. Lonely for my family, lonely for friends that have moved and lonely for my sister. This friend is like a sister to me...maybe even better. I love her dearly and she will always have a very special place in my life and heart. Thank you Gina! THANK YOU GOD!

I'd like to share the first thing I read when I opened up the book Gina sent me.

"My friend shall forever be my friend and reflect a ray of God to me" Thoreau
One of the blessings of friendship comes from our joy in discovering God's grace and purpose for bringing us into each other's lives.
It was perfect....


  1. I can't believe you got it so soon!!! I'm so glad that it encouraged you! I had just been thinking of you, and wishing we could drink tea or coffee best thing...send it to you!

    Hey! Why don't you come over again, and we'll have a sister Christmas celebration! Just you and me!!!


  2. Isn't it wonderful how God knows our needs before we do and prompts a friend to bless us, loving us through that friend and also, how He blesses us through the person we aim to bless? I remember one time I was feeling lonely and decided since I didn't have a friend to have a cup of tea with, I would have one with Jesus! He's always there, we just need to remember when we forget! Jamie

  3. I can understand why you were feeling a little blue and God does too. He knew and understood and sent you a little pick-me-up! I'm so glad that God loves us!

  4. I love love love my new blogger friends....... I too miss the get to gethers at Christmas.. When Grandma was alive it was a house full of people...... Mom and Dad and uncles and aunts cousins and one and one and ofcourse brothers and sisters...... How I miss the laughter..... I try not to dwell on that anymore..... I do so miss my son and my other son is not married so he is out and about with his friends (of course he is here on Christmas day) but I do not expect him to stay long..... How I love the Lord for helping through these next few weeks....... Thanks for the reminder that He is always there...

  5. Honest to Pete, God used a friend to bring me tea today too! We were doing a charity event together and had to meet up at the church tonight. I talked to her on the phone prior, and maybe she heard it in my voice that it was raspy, but she brought me tea to the church. It was perfection! I felt very blessed to have someone know me so well and be taking care of me in such a sweet way! It is so nice to be loved and known sometimes!

  6. Thanks for the wonderful blog. It really spoke to me about a current situation that has got me a little down, and if I must admit it worried. Don't you just love the Psalms!

  7. This is an awesome post which gives encouragement to all of us who read it. God is faithful in all ways. Blessings to you...

  8. Once again I totally get what you are saying. It's difficult to look at the holiday's and not long for family or memories of years past.

    I have begun to look at what is right before me. As I miss my Texas kids, I realize how blessed I am to still have my parents right here.

    I pray that you will find God in the flesh during this time. I know a good friend always makes me feel better. Wish we lived closer.

  9. i just love hearing stories of how God talks to us or sends gifts to us through other people. how blessed you must have felt.

    i know what you mean about spending the holidays away from family. that's usually the situation i'm in. but this year my sister and her family are coming to visit. and i'm sooooo excited. it lifts my spirits any time i think about it :]

  10. You're right. God knows when we feel lonely and things aren't right. It's not just a coincidence that you received that package when you did.
    Thanks for reminding the rest of us...


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