My Life As A Book

I was visiting Gina over at Writer...Interrupted and she had just written this great meme - so I thought I'd give it a try.

If your life was a book, what Genre would it be and why?

Fiction - but there is a love story weaved through it that goes unnoticed until the middle to end of the book

Would it be a stand alone or a series?

I think it could be a stand alone, but it would be a long novel.

What would the title of your life’s book be?

My first thought was Redeeming Love, but it's been used. It fits so well though...I'm going to have to come back to this one. I'm still not sure but I think this would work - Shadow of Light

What’s the spiritual theme of your book?

Learning to trust in a good Heavenly Father. Trusting that He loves unconditionally and He desires His best for me.

What would your goal be?

To feel safe, secure and loved.

What’s the motivation for your goal?

A series of painful events, losses and rejections in childhood that lead me to believe no one is trustworthy and that I am unlovable and unacceptable.

Who’s your hero?

My husband, who in the story would represent Christ.

What’s your conflict?

I haven't fully grasped that God loves me and accepts me in spite of the past. I leave my sin at the cross and keep picking up guilt and shame to carry with me.

Who’s your antagonist?

My family and myself...but mostly myself.

Where are you in your life’s book? (The beginning, middle, end, have you reached your black moment, are you into your resolution?)

Actually while there is still more to my life, more to learn etc... I could comfortably finish this book.

Is there a happy ending?

A resounding YES!! The Light has broken and with it brought freedom. The freedom to love, to trust, to believe in God's goodness toward me.

And now what is a Meme without a tag

I think it would be fun for all my blog friends to do this. So if your name is on the right column under blogging friends consider yourself tagged. Although everyone is invited to join in! :-)


  1. Great answers! So glad you joined this meme!

  2. This is great and I will do this first thing in the morning..... I love it..... I actually do have a book started........ I love the honesty in your answers..... Is it not just so special how the Lord takes us step by step through life always growing even if we do not see the growth.......but we can look back through the years and see the person we were then and the person we are today .. and if you are anything like me I am amazed at change in my life...

    great meme

  3. This was very cool. I enjoyed your answers. I will make work of trying this one.

  4. You did a good job with this. I'll do it soon - it will take some thought!

  5. Sharon...

    WOW, that was awesome! I feel like I know more about you in that short meme than from reading tons of posts. I completely appreciate your openness and honesty...I would love to pick up this meme and run with it in a couple of days. Would that be ok with you?

    Thanks so much for sharing so much...

  6. That's a neat way to share your life's story. I really enjoyed it.

  7. Hi! I'm new to blogging. Please stop by my page! I am an associate pastor's wife in need of some new online friends!

  8. great answers. i'll have to think about this before i attempt to take your tag.

    hope your new year is wonderful and joy-filled.


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