Love is a Commitment

I wrote this last year after I found out yet another couple we know were headed for a divorce.

Love is a lifelong commitment,
a choice one makes
regardless of the feelings
of the moment.
To commit to another soul means
that you are joined to that person
and nothing can break
the bond.
When feelings come that go
against your commitment of love,
then you must battle the
urge to flee.
To flee from love
is to take the easy path,
to walk away is to say
that you were never
committed to that person.
No one ever said it would
be easy.
With God at the center
it is possible.


  1. that's beautiful, sharon. and so very true. no one said it would be easy - in fact, everyone should know that a marriage will definitely be hard at times. at least they should know that when they choose to make the commitment.


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