Isaiah 42:1-4

I was reading Isaiah 42:1-4 today, along with other verses and wrote this in my journal.

He came in the form of a servant.
He came quietly.

He could have come with might and power
but He chose to make nothing of Himself.
He walked in humility,as a servant,
but He was chosen
and strengthened by The Father.

He was not alone,
Jesus was bathed
in the Holy Spirit.
His Father was
with Him.

He did not come to call
attention to Himself,
but to Truth.
He was gentle
when He spoke and
did not raise His voice

Jesus did not ignore
the weak or those
we often see as
He gave them Hope.He brought them
He came to begin a work
in the redemptionof His people.
He will not quit
until His
work is done.
He will continue until Truth and
Righteousness is spread
throughout the world.

(Ps 22:27, 72:11; Is 42:1-4, 52:13; Matt 11:29; John 16:32; Phil 2:7;Heb 2:17, 12:2-4; 2Tim 2:24; 1Peter 2:22-24)

Oh Jesus how my heart longs to be like you. I want to be the woman you've created me to be. To walk in humility, doing my Father's will. I desire to keep my eyes on you and my hands on my work until You say I am done. Jesus I want more of you, I want to be like you. Create in me a spirit that will follow you no matter what the cost or where you go.

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  1. I love how things come at just the right moment! This was beautiful and uplifted my heart as I read it tonight. -Thank you for sharing it. ~blessings!


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