Christmas Traditions

As my children have grown and at least one is now married with children I realize that many of our tradtions are changing. But there are a few that have stayed. The first one that I'll share didn't stay a tradition much past their teen years, but the kids still remember it. Every year we each put a gift under the tree for Jesus. I was amazed by some of the things my boys would do. My boys gave hands, feet, hearts, and one even gave his anger to Jesus as a gift one year because he has been struggling with it.

Some of the traditions that have stayed are the Christmas story being read and praying together as a family. Buying a special ornament for each one to signify something special that year. And baking homemade - from scratch - cinnamon rolls. I actually tried to get out of this one by making the ones from the store you just pop in the oven...didn't go over to well! My youngest even said I ruined Christmas! He was kidding of course but I got the message...since then they've been homemade!

There have been other things we've tried through the years. Some lasted for several years, some didn't last but one. I've learned though that it's not the traditions that we pass down (or don't pass down) that matter; but have we kept the real meaning of Christmas alive in our hearts, and the hearts of our children.

Did we passed down to them Jesus and the miracle of that morning so long ago? That morning that the Savour of the world was born. Our children never believed in Santa for we felt it took away the glory that belonged to God alone. But still the materialism that so often crept in...I wish we would have kept it simplier. That we would have focused even more on the WHO of the season not the gifts, the cookies, the shopping the doings of the holiday. I look back and wish I would have slowed down more, taken time, breathing in the aroma of Christmas...that sweet sacrifice of God offering His precious Son ....


  1. Oh, how I want also to slow down and savor this holiday! I want to pass on to my children the wonder of the miracle of Christ! Thanks for the great blog today!

  2. great post. i like that first tradition of leaving a gift for Jesus under the tree. that's keeping the focus where it should be.

  3. That was my goal every year to enjoy the month of December. We still did the traditions but as a family with Jesus the focus of most them. However it seems now that they are in college or married I have a harder time enjoying the month of December and staying focus on Jesus.

  4. I'm with you - I have many times thought that I wish we had kept Christmas simpler, but it was hard with the in-laws who didn't understand. This year, though our son is grown and married, we are, and he understands. Jamie

  5. I like your tradition of a gift under the tree for Jesus. You're so right about materialism creeping in.


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