Thankful for Winter

As I was driving this morning I was looking at the trees, they are mostly bare now. A few leaves are hanging on before they have to give way to the winter. And I let a big *sigh* "winter, I'm not ready." Everything looks so dead, gray and it gets so cold. "Why do we have to have winter?" I thought. The answer came almost immediately. "The trees may look dead, gray and sad. But inside they are alive, they are gaining strength for the next season of their life. Then in the spring they will be stronger, higher and they will have beautiful blossoms."

Winter is not something I look forward to, whether I'm talking about the season of the earth or the season of my life. But as I drove down the highway this morning I could be thankful for what was coming. Winter is necessary, without it the trees wouldn't have a time of rest so that they can grow stronger, higher and produce fruit in the season to come.

Life is like that for us too. Winters must come. We all are familiar with those times when we've felt so cold and lonely and scared. The days were so gray, we wondered if anyone cared. And even though you knew God was there you couldn't seem to feel His presence or hear His voice. But somewhere deep inside you knew He was working, not because you could see or hear it but because you trusted Him to keep His promises. You knew He'd remain faithful. He would never leave you. He would continue a good work.

The winter of our lives come and go, some last longer than other winters. Some winters are harsh, some are mild, but regardless winter will come. No matter what we do winter will always come.

But there is hope. The hope of spring. Spring comes one day when we aren't looking and we begin to notice things are changing. We stop, look around and think spring is here! But it's different than last spring. We are taller, we are stronger, and our blossoms are fuller. We've made it through another winter....we have grown!

Oh Father I may not like those times when winter comes, but I can thank you! I know it's during those times that you are working deep inside me, molding and creating in me a deeper, stronger more mature woman. Father help me during those times to be faithful to you, to trust in what you are doing. Help me to have rest in you...and hope.


  1. Did you notice the snowflacks too! I did. I look at winter as a time of warm and cozy feeling and spending more time with family because it is dark out. Isn't it fun the way God has made each of us to view things.

  2. I kind of dread the cold also. But it makes spring time look so good. You have a really nice page. Thanks for sharing. God Bless!

  3. Sharon That is Cool I never thought of the times in my life as winter. But it makes perfect sense. Thanks and have I told you lately that I love you, And miss you, Steven

  4. I love this Sharon. I dont' care for winter at all. We live in a state where it drags on forever. This picture will remind me of hope everytime I look at the bare trees.



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