Thankful for my privilege to pray...

I've had my precious grandson since Saturday. Today after his nap he just wanted to cuddle, of course I didn't mind. As we cuddled I prayed for him. Being a grandparent is so different than being a parent. I have very little "control" over the raising of this child, but as I held him, I realized I am called to pray fervently for those blessings that God brings to our family. I am to pray for the next generation and the following.

When I dropped him off at home today he gave me a kiss and said "love you nana" I could have melted....he could have asked me for anything...good thing he's only two. :-)

I too am thankful for such a beautiful daughter-in-law that is seeking to obey and follow God. She wants to be a godly wife and mom. We continue to pray for my son - in God there is hope!


  1. Sharon - I don't know the story of your son, but our Pastors daughter is a great example of what prayer can accomplish. She was a kid who came to our youth group, but would sit in a corner and not participate because she didn't want to hear about God. She was a "goth" kid and all we could do was pray for her. She is now 20, has been saved for about a year and is such a changed person. She came to the womens fasting and prayer time I went to a few weeks ago and was willing to pray out loud. You can now see her sweet spirit. So - keep praying. I'll join you>
    PS - what a blessing for your grandson to have a praying Grandma. There is nothing more important you can do for him!

  2. Sharon you don't know this but Sunday I was talking with God and praising Him and asking Him to bless your grandson. He was so well behavied during the meeting while he was awake and even when he woke up. One can see he loves and trust you and Keith.

  3. I'm enjoying these posts very, very much. I want to focus more on being thankful, and this is helping me to keep that focus. Blessings,

  4. i wish my MIL is like you - loving. i don't have a good relationship with her. i really envy those MILs who just adore their DILs. i wish i have that kind of relationship too with my MIL... =(


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