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Precious Jesus I keep thinking about what you said to the woman at the well. I feel as if you and I have had similar conversations. You looked deep into her heart and saw those places that were empty, that begged to be filled. She was trying to fill them with men, with attention and with what she thought was love. Jesus you know I have been there. I too have tried to fill the emptiness with so many things, with relationships, with food, with attention. Oh dear Jesus you know those places, you know what loss and pain that has caused them, some of them even have been carved out by you.

Jesus you offered her Living Water, you have offered me the same, but I didn't fully understand then what I understand now. Oh Lord Jesus forgive me for all those times that I have ran to anything and everything but you to fill the longings of my heart. Forgive me for seeking satisfaction in anything but you.

It is in you alone that can fill me to overflowing, that the emptiness within me will be filled.

Jesus you alone have given me everything I need pertaining to life and godliness (2Peter 1:3)

Jesus allow your Spirit to fill all those places where holes had been carved. The hurtful places, the places of pain and loss. Healing only comes from exposing and acknowledging those places that lay empty. Once I've acknowledge them then your Spirit can heal them and fill them with You.

Jesus I pour out my life to you, I confess before you the sin that has kept those places empty, I've kept them from you. Expose in me any place that still lies empty, then fill it with You.

Jesus help me to continually come before you to be filled by the Spirit as I taste daily of your Word and offer my prayers to you.

Jesus I acknowledge the fact that my soul thirsts for You and You alone...I yearn for you.(PS 63)

You, alone, O Lord will satisfy me. You satisfy me in the morning with your lovingkindness and I will sing for joy and be glad all my days. (Is 90:14)

Fill me Lord Jesus, fill me to overflowing....


  1. So often I have read some of those stories without relating them to myself. You are so right when you say we try to fill ourselves with the wrong things. Beautiful prayer.

  2. Thank you for sharing your prayer and your heart with us.


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