Friends Don't Let Friends Shop Alone

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Today I decided to go shopping for a couple of new tops. Now that the style is finally longer I definitely felt I could use at least a couple new ones. So out I went.


What was I thinking? You know you always need at least one girlfriend with you!

Anyway, I'm in the store looking around and found several really cute tops to try on.

In the dressing room I put the first one on. Ok it's cute, but I look pregnant! Been there. Done that. I don't really want to look like I'm pregnant, especially if I'm NOT!

Second item. Again very cute. On.The.Hanger.

But on me? It looks like a 40 something trying to look 20 something. ugh!

The next one is too tight. I check the size. Yep it's my size. It's really cute. So do I try the next size up? No! Nada! Nine!That would be NO in three languages. If I can't wear my size I'm not buying it, no matter how cute it is!!

I leave the dressing room. The lady outside asked me "so how did everything fit?" I wanted to say "the first made me look majorly pregnant, the second made me feel OLD, and the last one made me feel overweight!!" But I said, "they didn't, but thank you." And I wanted to add "could you point me to the over 40 section?" But again wisdom told me she just might not understand.

Lesson Learned: Do not shop alone!! You need someone to help you laugh when things like this happens!!


  1. I so know what you are saying. I need someone to be brutally honest with me and usually there is a lot of laughing too. Come to Michigan and we can go together!

  2. looks like it's time for you to come visit me again so we can go to that huge mall we went to before!!! We have Eddie Bauer and Bass!!! Just tell me when you'll be arriving!!! I'll be ready!!!

  3. Sharon call sometime if you want to go shopping. That is something I miss since my daughter moved away. She was my shopping buddy.

  4. I usually end up with my husband who says everything looks great. I never shop with my friends because they are all a size 2 and I just can't quite handle that either.

    I really like to shop alone :)

  5. Ohhhhh yeah, I've been there. I swear they don't make clothes for real women anymore.

  6. Hey Sharon - I just discovered your comments on my blog - thanks for stopping by!! I loved this post!! On Monday I have planned a WHOLE DAY OUT while my mother-in-law watches over my babes - and yes I am going shopping alone! We'll see what goodies (or "baddies"!!) I come home with :P. I can appreciate the moment in the dressing room when things look better from afar! What really irks me are those ads for anti-wrinkle blah blah blah - and the models aren't even TWENTY yet!!


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